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Name: Katelyn

Age: 17

Location: Cali girl all the way!!!

Fave Movies: 13 going on 30, The Patriot, S.W.A.T, Gone in 60 Seconds, The Prince and Me...etc

Fave Authors: Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers, Lori Wick, Frank E. Peretti, Dee Henderson and Kirsten Heitzmann

Fave Bands: Santus Real, Relient K, FM Static, Roper, Brave St. Saturn, Five Iron Frenzy, Newsboys and Supertones

More about me: I'm sarcastic but funny, I'm single and will be so my whole life i'm guessing which is why i write romances; some of the expereiences having been my own umm not much to be said about m,e really :-

Forever Friends 1&2: *Completed* My first pieces on Fp as well as my first attempt at writing. I like it though. The characters are still some of my faves =)

Forever Friends 3&4: *completed* A continuance of the First Forever Friends. This is the next generation however and the struggles they overcome. I think these are the stories loved by most my readers and i'm definitely attatched to them as well

Forever Friends 5: *In Progress: I don't know if this will be my last Forever Friends story or not but these are Nathan and Samuel's children and the problems they face...less action but i love it anyways =) (co-authored with Raine0211)

An Untimely Romance: * In Progress* I'm struggling with writer's block for this one so it may be awhile before i update. However i love this one. I wrote it while going through my Forensic phase. I think it's fun as well as interesting =)

Fate of a Nation: *In Progress* My first attempt at a fantasy. It's not a fantasy in the full extent of the word but it's definitely different. Based on a kingdom where love is forbidden and a young woman who tries to defy the odds and change the prince's heart *i raised the rating to an R although it'll just be a high Pg-13 probably...i'll just be on the safe side*

Is Love Enough? *In Progress* Struggling with Writers block although this is probably the story my readers love and request more of the most =) A boy runs away at a young age and is raised by a gang in the bronx. He meets a girl from the rich class and struggles with stereotypes to see if love is enough against all else. one of my faves to write i'm just struggling right now

The Key's Curse: *In Progress/ On Hold* (co-authored with Estelle Stafford) We're struggling with massive writer's block on this one plus me and my co-author are really buisy and its hard to find time to write. I wouldn't expect updates anytime soon but stick with us cuz we ARE working on it

Love Knows No Bounds: *In Progress* This is my newest story on FP, but i'm loving it. It's sweet and fun to write and as of rught now i don't know if it'll be HEA or a bittersweet type ending. so i'm along for the ride just as much as you! enjoy it!!!!

I know i really need to finish more stories before starting new ones but i hope you enjoy them and stick with me. My day is made when readers like you review and let me know what you think. Even if it's too flame. On all my stories i am open to suggestions and comments and ideas so please help me out and send me a review!!!


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