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I'm too lazy to find a better profile I'm going to make this as quick and easy as possible.

-My name is Xavine Aoyama.
-Yes, I am aware that my 1st name looks like it got ripped off a sci-fi special.
-Chocolate chip cookie if you can pronounce my first name right :D
-I prefer to be called Psycho or Shinigami.
-I am 12 years old.
-I am in eighth grade.
-Allow me to correct the other mom, dad, brother and I are Japanese, Mom's uncle is Korean, and my god-knows-how-many-greats Grandmother's husband was from Thailand. So technically, I am Japanese. There you go.
-No, I cannot speak Korean, Thai or Japanese. Maybe a few words in Japanese. Like...cheese...and that's it.
-I am obsessed with anime, videogames, and destroying junkyard material with baseball bats.
-My anime preference is Shounen, but Shoujou is great too.
-I've decided to try wearing colors other than red and black!
-I am entranced by shiny objects. Particularly house keys.
-I support Makoto Shishio and Komagata Yumi. You got a problem with that?
-Current favorite videogame(s): Medal of Honor Rising Sun. Sometimes I go insane and shoot my allies.
-Current favorite band: Slipknot
-POCKY. Cafe au lait, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mousse, Bitter, Almond, name the flavor, I'll eat it!

This week's quote(s): "Lord, this Christmas, we will love and honor one another, treasure our blessings, and resist the urge to put laxitives in one another's food. Amen."

Must-Read Stories By Other Authors:
Please don't be offended if I've reviewed your story but it's not listed here. I picked these out very, VERY carefully, and they're here because they were excellent in every aspect and I felt that word about them just had to spread. More will come soon!

The Demon That Loves Me ~by Sk8ter Gurl. This is the most hilarious romantic comedy ever! The author's sense of humor and sarcasm is FANTASTIC! Sk8ter Gurl's writing style will blow you away. Authors, your muse will *cry* from the inspiration. Read her story. You'll LOVE it instantly.

Shadows of the Shinobi ~by Fox Fire no Miko. If you're looking for a great shinobi fic, this is it, people. Action, Adventure,'ll find it all here. You'll love it even more if you're a Naruto fan. Even if you cared nothing for shinobi fics, you'd STILL like this. So what are you still reading this for? Read Shadows of the Shinobi!

Coming Soon...//

Chasing Serendipity [romantic comedy]
Lunar Pandora [adventure/comedy]
The Voice of the Wind [historical fiction]

Ohhhhhh MAN. High School starts tomorrow. Say a little prayer for me, friends...I'm gonna be a 9th grader!! All holy hell breaks loose on September 4! Of course, this also means I'll start writing stories again.

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