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I'm a 18 year old girl that makes anime comics and writes.
Other places I write:

My characters that I use are either mine or Heiros' creations.
Sacjuan Strogger(Sakujuanu Sutsurogujiru): The loner of the group. He
is half Death and White winged Tenshi. Also, he's the recarnation of a
Guardian Tenshi that was the only evenly half blooded Tenshi in the
world of Stroggers.
Sancho Graper(Sanchi Guraperu): The hot-headed baka of the group. He is
pretty much what most people consider the main character, but he's only
one of the three. He has a thing for grapes and dogs. And he can get
real shy when it comes to women. But whenever I set him off with
another guy, he's usually pouncing on them.
Cvalda Leonheart(Kubarude Reonhearutsu): She is the first main girl
character I have. She is sometimes rude, arrogent, and a bitch. But
she's a nice girl. She tries her best to befriend Sacjuan and keep
Sancho and him from fighting. Her best friend is Ronna.
Crestino Strogger(Kuresuchino Sutsurogujiru): Sacjuan's older twin
sister. She is more Death Angel then White, and shows it well too. She
has never liked her younger twin even when they were first born, but
after being ruled by Veira, she had a small crush on him. But that
crush quickly ended once they were told to destroy all threats on Earth
and discovered a whole lot of other hot guys.
Zanaru Strogger: Zanaru is the oldest of the two twins and also the
only one that is fully a Death Angel. (he has a different mother from
the two) He has an over protective personality towards his younger
brother and that can get quite deadly if Sacjuan were to be hurt.
Zin Liquen: Zin is a Kerru guard and warrior who left his family along
time ago after the accident where he got his scar on his forehead that
he covers up with a scarf. He and Zanaru were best friends ever sense
the first met and never are hardly appart. Zin always had a secret
crush on Zanaru and also on his lil' brother, Sacjuan. But his true
love is on Zanaru, even though he did rape Sacjaun. But only once and
hated himself for doing so.
Ronna Zameza: She is the first stupid blonde I have ever made and the
only girl that has the biggest thing for Sacjuan. She and Seven seem to
fight alot ever sense he came onto the scene and created the Sacjuan
love tryangle.
Mitchell(Mitsuchiruru) Zameza: He's the first youngest fighter in the
whole La-Blow series that I have made. He is also the second person
ever trained by Sacjuan. His older sister is Ronna who has a total HUGE
crush on his 'Master.' Mitchell has always looked up to Sacjuan even
after hearing all the terrible things he has done from Sancho, but
never really cared.
Ron Kusho: He is a tough guy that has a thing for Ronna, but never wins
when it comes to Sacjuan even though the green haired teen doesn't want
a thing to do with Ronna at all. How Ron doesn't have any powers like
the others, he uses a giant wrench to defeat any enemy. He is also a
skilled robot macanic and is always competing against Sacjuan.
Jouji Android 1.0.5.: Jouji got his name from Mitchell, but his true
creator was Ron Kusho. Sacjuan, though, messed with his mother board
and put in a chip that would make Jouji human. It took a year or two
just to fully make him human, but the wait was worth it. His only
problem is cooking.
Mamica Kattio(Mamika Keruru): She's the first cat-girl to ever walk the
La-Blow series. She is also the first to ever be trained by Sacjuan and
always calls him Master. Mamica has a couple of ways to disgust
Sacjuan, which is her eating habbits.
Attirb(Atsuchirubu) Ada-Beeda: He's the leader of alien monkeys even
though he looks like a green dog without a nose, has antani on his
forehead and has green bat wings for ears.
Ren/Retep Tworo: He's one of Attirb's most trusted member of the alien
monkey race. He also has his own human form, but always has a black
moneky tail with a spot of white at the tip end. Ren is a nice guy and
has a scar over his left eye which holds a secret about his pass and
Veira: She is one of the main evil-dudes. She is the one who kidnapped
Sacjuan and Crestino off the planet Earth and put them as her most
strongest slaves and warriors. Sacjuan, on the other hand, as also her
sex slave, which is one reason why Sacjaun has a problem with any type
of relationship.
Lax(Raku) Golya: He is the leader of the LSM Neko Team and happens to
be the hier of the throne on their planet of neko/human people. He is
also bisexual.
Seven Neeko: First neko-guy, who has an excitable personality and is
always happy. Or at least seems always happy. He's one of the true good
gay guy of the series. He is also the second in charge of the LSM Neko
Mark(Maruku) Nipper: Mark is the last true member of the LSM Neko Teama
and is straight out of them all. He has a sad pass where his mother was
poor and had to steal food for him when younger and because of that got
her arrested and killed. The men who caught her also found Mark and
threated that they would kill his mother if he didn't do as asked.
After many years of torture and worry for his mother's safty(even
though she was already dead) he ended up in Lax's area and after the
purple haired neko heard his story, vowed to never let anything bad
happen to Mark ever again.
Nyte: Nyte is actually a god/demon who likes to show off his charm to
women when ever he is horny or just wants a good night out. But when it
comes to Sacjuan he'll give all that up to just spend the rest of his
life with the green haired teen. Roses are his trademark. Demon of
Mare: She is Nyte's younger twin sister who pretty much hates everyone.
She is more demon the god and enjoys to kill people in their sleep(even
though that's her job as a demon), but mostly goes for the people who
have sex with her brother. She also hates Sacjuan, but is unable to
kill him because of her brother's wishes. Demon of death in sleep.
Yule: Another god, but not demon this time. He is half kitsune and has
a thing for anything that is half animal. Anything that is full human
makes him sick. He's the god of winter.
Eostre: She is also full god and is the goddess of easter. She hates
Sacjuan and his family, but when it comes to Sancho, she's loves him.
Yuu: Another evil-dude, but this time it IS a guy. He is god/demon,
just like Nyte, but uses his powers to rule all. He once was the master
of Nyte, Mare, Yule, and Eostre but ever sense he tried to kill
Sacjuan, the others sided with Nyte to protect his love.
OTHER Characters (not mine)(from Fate by Heiros)
Avilo: He is the main character of this story. He is the younger
brother of Zatar, and the son of a man who was once a great warrior,
but now a dead man. Or so they say.
Chromar: He is the hot-headed baka, more of a pranksty then anything,
and is also the older half brother of Avilo, only because they have the
same father.
Zatar: He is somewhat the evil-dude in this. But not fully. He is
actually being controlled, but doesn't fully notice. He is the older
brother of Avilo and half to Chromar.
More Info coming soon...
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