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Hello, I'm Shinigami-san, but you can just call me Shin, for short. I'm a fourteen year old Canadian girl, who loves to read. Especially manga ^_^ I'd list the ones I read, but there's so many, it'd just be a waste of time. If I seem familiar, there's a chance you've seen me on Over there, my pen name's Meroko-San. If you know anything about Full Moon Wo Sagashite, you'll notice the simalarities with the two pen names ~_^ (Meroko is a character from FMWS, a Shinigami, to be exact.) I don't know if I'll ever end up posting here, frankly I'm much better at fanfiction than original stories. But if I do, please take the time to read it, and review, because I want to know my mistakes and I want them pointed out to me, so I can improve my writing skills. Thankyou!

Favorite bands:
V6 (favorite), Do As Infinity, Changin' My Life (DAI and CML are tied in second), ZONE, dream (ZONE and dream are tied in third) and Tackey & Tsubasa, Kinki Kids (Kinki as in a part of a town in Japan. NOT Kinky) and two I'm casual about (AKA I'm not planning on buying CD's, but I enjoy their music) Every Little Thing, Day After Tomorrow, and BoA. If you have any reccomendations for either Japanese pop bands, or Korean pop, feel free to email me with the address above. (I prefer J-pop, but I also enjoy BoA's K-pop songs ^_^)

Favorite Novels: (not in any particular order) Trapped In Ice, Harry Potter, the Sammy Keyes series, the Silverwing saga, Ella Enchanted, The Sky Is Falling (NOT Chicken Little, it's a NOVEL that's set in world war II) and novels like those above. If you have any reccomendations at all, please feel free to email me with the suggestion with the address above.

Absolute Total Favorite Manga:
(not in order) Inu-Yasha, Fushigi Yugi, DNAngel, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Yuu*Gi*Ou (That's NOT spelled wrong) and anything else by Arina Tanemura, and Yu Watase ^0^

I also adore Anime, but I'm not going to list them all.

My Websites:
http:// - an anime website
http:// - a Kouichi Shrine

Planned Websites:
A Do As Infinity site
And with my sister, a V6 site (currently in the making)

And I'll leave you alone now ^_^