Defenestration of Prague
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So far I have up 'A Book, I'd Say'.

This is a really strange story, and if you actually read it, the chapter titles would kind of explain the title. As for the title itself, I don't really have an excuse, I just really could think of anything. Anyways, you should read it! I like it (at the moment)!

If not, then there you have it, get the poop outta here!

Anyways, just to give you a picture of who I am if you don't already know...

(Ridiculous, pointless physical details:)

Height: 5'5" (poetically average!)

Eye color: Gray (or as I like to say, "Sleet with tinges of blue and green and wonderful golden rings around my pupils that contain magical fairy delights." To which few people respond, and those who do usually just beat me up and spit on me.)

Hair color: Yellow

Complexion: "Are you wearing white pantihose?" "No..."

Nose: Similar to the Wall of China

Eyebrows: Similar to the nose (not a uni though!)

Chin: Chin?

Fingers: "You have piano fingers." "Oh thank you."

Toes: As infinite as the sky...

Hand I write with: My right, a highly regrettable fact considering the number of times I've been beaten up for it.

Knees: Full of personality, but not very pretty

Skull: Lumpy

Skin: Dry

Ribs: Yum!

(Isn't it funny when people put physical descriptions up?)

I like a lot of different writing styles, but I highly respect originality, style, and a good (isn't it funny when people use such a mediocre word as good when praising vocabulary?) vocabulary. Most people say they're their toghest critic, but my best friend (who also writes) says I'm hers ^_^ I can be kind of harsh, but I can see a lot of really little things (and sometimes really big things) that can be improved while the fundamental story/writing is still very good (there's that word again...).

Perspective on who I am so that you can discount all my opinions, as I'm sure you'd like to:

Age: 15

Grade: 10

Hair color: Blond

Horoscope: Libra, another pittiable characteristic which I am frequently rewarded for by severe beatings and social isolation.

Social status: Super-nerd (in association with others no less) (but really, I know a lot of really cool people) (you can tell I'm uncool because I used the word 'super')

Hair color: Blond

Most frequent things (AGH! AWFUL WORD!!!) said to me throughout the course of a day: "You're really strange." and "You're really stupid." ( --said mostly in hchem, cause I relatively kickass in AP Euro) (I'm exagerrating, I'm good enough for my standards though) Also, "Can you take this check to Ramone?" is frequently asked of me.

Hair color: Blond

(hah, that's the first time I've used a dumb blond joke in about a year) (and on myself no less!)

Alright, that's enough for you. Hopefull you've learned nothing about my true identity while feeling satisfied and enlightened (while no closer to the truth...). Or extremely annoyed, up to you...

Random piece of information: Though I've always wanted a nickname for my first name (Crystal), I was once called Christi (or that's how I would imagine the person was spelling it) and felt extremely uncomfortable.

P.S. Please review with flowery praise of unparelled admiration. Everyone knows I'm only here to gain acceptance and popularity.

"Goddamnit! Why are all these subordinate clauses adjective?! What does it take to get an adverbial subordinate clause around here, damnit!" (I actually just said that, and I figured it was worth recording.)


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