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:hands out cookies: Go visit my webpage if you want information on me, don't want to waste space with it here as the focus is my writing, not me :)

Advice: Please, please, leave constructive advise. I love it when people point out errors (type-os, grammar, contradictions, etc.,) and leave me constructive criticism. I truly feel that gathering opinions from other people is one of the best ways to improve a story. I may not always agree, or make changes, but at the very least, it forces me to exam the story from another point-of-view. So please, while I enjoying hearing that you liked something (and even then, tell me what you liked) I also want to know what you did not like so I can make changes and hopefully have an even better final product.

Style: As I tend to get a lot of comments on my style, I thought I would address it. I tend to write in present tense; this is a style choice. There is no rule that says all writing must be past tense, or even third person. I make a conscious choice to write in the tense and point-of-view that I do. While I appreciate that not everyone enjoys this style, please do not leave comments about changing to past tense or third person. I have already considered these options and disregarded them as not what I want. If you do not enjoy this style, please look to my more 'conventional' work instead.