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Note: The majority of my writing is on hold due to a Harry Potter fanfiction taking control of my mind. What can I say? Who can say no to Draco Malfoy? Seriously though, this stuff will eventually be finished. It's just the when aspect that I'm unsure of.

A Little About Me

I am a 23 year old college graduate who's figuring out that the real world is scary. I'm a Head Start preschool teacher, meaning we're superheroes disguised as teachers trying to make a difference where making a difference is the most difficult. Writing is a passion in life that I could not imagine life without. Ever since my senior year of high school I have enjoyed writing. As the years progressed, my love for writing increased and my skills and abilities in writing really took off. I am an avid reader and that fact has most definitely helped me become the writer I am today. Reading and writing go hand in hand.

My Work (Novels)

Wallflower - This is the first novel I've written. It holds a special place in my heart since it is my first novel, though the writing, character development, plot, etc. could use a little work. I started writing it about 3 years ago and since then have rewritten it countless times. It is the story of a girl who blends in with her surroundings at school and wishes she blended in with her surroundings at home. The possibility of a rewrite is vague and in the VERY far, far future.

Weight of the World - This project has been abandoned. Seriously, save yourself and don't read.

Belleview Chronicles - This is one of my favorite novels. It tells the typical love tale of two teens at a boarding school in New York. What sets this story apart from others with similar plot lines is the style it is written in. The story is told through letters, documents, emails, notes written in class, Instant Messages, and the like. It is different, unique, and a worthwhile read. This project will eventually be finished, but it's on hold (like most everything) because my Harry Potter fanfiction has taken control of my writing world. Yearbook: /sunneshine1984/BCYearbook.html

Keepers of the Gate - Ella is your typical college student...that is until she begins changing. Then nothing in her life will ever be the same again. (This used to be under my other penname: NiftyNovelist. That account is no longer in use.) I created a trailer for this novel (like they do for movies) and you can find it here: Trailer. Warning: The trailer contains many, many spoilers. Watch at your own literary risk.

A Scarab in the Sun - A servant girl in need of love, the Pharaoh of Egypt in need of a friend, a chance meeting, a friendship, and a love that will cross all social boundries. NaNoWriMo 2006. (This used to be under my other penname: NiftyNovelist. That account is no longer in use.) The novel is finished, and it will be posted eventually.

My Other Work

A Disguised Blessing - This is a Harry Potter fanfiction that I have posted on fanfiction(dot)net. My penname is Sunne. It's a side project that has been revolving in my head for a while. If you like AU, time travel, Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Sirius, Remus, angst, humor, romance, intrigue, and toddler Ron running around with a Chudley Canon's pillowcase fashioned around his neck as a might like this. I'm on the fence about finishing this. Possibly on a rainy day...

Fire Dragon - They were the unlikeliest of friends. However, as time went on and their friendship grew, she began to know the person behind the cold mask and the secret he held. A Draco/Hermione fanfiction. If you like Draco/Hermione romance, cuteness, angst, drama, Skittles, and a non-human and muggle curious might like this. This is posted on fanfiction(dot)net. My penname is Sunne.

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He is a young werewolf in search for his mate... She is a woman stuck within her haunted past. He knows she is made for him; but how to make her see? Especially when her past and their different species threaten to tear them apart.
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If you asked Rachel about trust, she'd say it's difficult, being outcasted at home and school. If you asked Jay, he'd give you that sexy Gothic smirk and say it isn't worth it. So why did he have to walk out of her bathroom and change everything? CH 12 UP
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Chealsea is uprooted from her perfect life and sent to boarding school in northern B.C...there, she begins to make friends with the sort of people she would have made fun of back home, and slowly comes to understand herself and what friendship really is.
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Come With Your Arms Raised by Nikki the Hypie reviews
Jiri starts as if I’d just electrocuted him, and then rolled onto his back. Somehow, I manage not to fall off of him during this process. We end up in a rather compromising position:Jiri sprawled on his back,on my bed,and me sitting right over his... lap.
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Sophia's happy. Or at least she was until her roommate unexpectedly left after hastily finding a replacement, who just so happens to be the ex-love-of-Sophia's-life and the cause of a whole lot of pain and misery. It just sucks that he's so damn charming.
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Ben's life is perfect. He's in the band and he finally got the girl. Then it all started to fall apart. Liam's doing drugs, Jared's seriously injured and Ben's given all this responsability. He's pushing away the one person who can help him - Hailey
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How would you being treated if you were at a mental hospital for nearing a month and then returned to school? How would people treat you? Would you be able to forget your past and move on? This is Annie's tale.. at least the second part.. [sequel to Straw
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She thought she had it all, She was a jock with a need for another subject.. too bad she picked Health.. Any other subject, and she would have made it out of Highschool perfectly unscarred.
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A Scarab in the Sun reviews
A servant in need of love, the pharaoh of Egypt in need of a friend, a chance meeting, a friendship, and a love that will cross all social boundries. NaNoWriMo 2006
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Ella was just your ordinary college aged girl, until she began changing. Then, nothing would ever be the same. Multigenre novel
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Objects hold an incredible potential for storytelling. This is the story of one such object. One that requires an audience.
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What happens when you've been a wallflower your entire life and someone comes around and sees you? What happens with they take an interest in your life? Please review.
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This was supposed to be my year to shine. Instead I got something completely different.
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Reflects my deep down secret feelings
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