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Name: Food For Thought

Sign: Leo

Year of Birth: 1986

Current Status: Fantasy Fiction Author

Affliliates of Fictionpress: Nashi / ROMAN EMPEROR / LS3Noob

What I Learned in the Year of 2005: When talking with your girl, never, not in any situation, do you end a sentence with the phrase: "...and that's final!"

Favorite Movie of All Time: Ferrris Bueler's Day Off (brilliant); Pulp Fiction (brilliant); Do The Right Thing (goes w/o saying)

Favorite Show of All Time: 21 Jump St.

Favorite Book of All Time: The Three Musketeers

Favorite Character of All Time: The Artful Dodger (Oliver Twist); D'artagnan (The Three Musketeers)


The "Prophaetis Corum" Series: Author's Note

The "Prophaetis Corum" Series is a collection of seven original fantasy fiction novels (starting with "Perishable Summer Fruit"). The aspect that makes this series unique and exciting is the "plot-twist mechanism" of my stories. I have arranged the plot in such a manner, that no one (reader and character alike) will feel completely safe unless I want them to. I aim to manipulate my readers and characters into feeling what I want them to feel, after all ...such is the goal of any and all authors. Truly, the series will be an epic, of course... anyone (with ample reasoning) is more than welcome to tell me otherwise.

Perishable Summer Fruit: Author's Note

The world that I've created, C'erra Armánd, is an intricate one, however in P.S.F. (Perishable Summer Fruit), I've kept the setting limited to one province. This way, my readers can become familiar with the characters before anything else. C'erra Armánd is ripe with geographical landscapes, landmark monuments, kingdoms, religion and of course, history. From past heroes, like Le'thankoof "The Legendary", to present heroes, like Ashand Amraphelof "The Cerulean Knights" or past villains, like Vantherys to present day villains like... well,I don't want to spoil it. In this story, the emphasis will be placed on character development. Hopefully, my readers will like what they see in my creations. Also, even though humans are the dominant species of C'erra Armánd, I've created a new race dubbed "The Occult Ramiiris" or "The Bloodspillers" by the religious community of this realm. I will remain "tight-lipped" about specific information including this race as I explain them in P.S.F. Once you have read this story, everything else will seem like an anti-climax.

Some Food For Thought: (Exerpt from Perishable Summer Fruit - Prologue / The Hour Is Come)

Footsteps, low and lucid, echoed throughout the vacant hall of the Ixion Cathedral. The pews, the isles, the altar… all were discolored by the smothering negritude of the night. I stood alone, waiting for Him to arrive, eager to end this lunacy with the swing of a blade. Sword drawn and breathing heavily, I squinted my eyes, trying to see through the darkness. Pellets of sweat plunged to the carpeted floor beneath me like raindrops against the glass windows of the cathedral. Wiping my brow, I ceased breathing altogether. I feared that the more noise I made, the more likely it would be for Him to find me. The footsteps were getting closer, less resonant; I squeezed the hilt of my sword and clenched my teeth. If I had failed to kill Him, this realm would be His to mold... to recreate. The death of my friends, my family, my noblemen and my King meant nothing now; I was the last one. He had to be stopped.

“Do you know who I am…?” He whispered, the footsteps ceasing.

His voice ricocheted in all directions; I couldn’t tell where He was. My emotions changed dramatically, from eagerness to distilled fear. Once I realized that I had now been face to face with Him, my fate had already been sealed. He grabbed me, pressing his lips against my ear.

“Who am I…? Say it.”

I couldn’t resist. I felt an ecstasy of excitement rushing inside of me, yearning to escape. With His silhouette etched before my eyes, I had but one wish… to serve Him.

“Son of Sorrows…”

With the swift crack of a neck, my life had ended. I was naïve to think that I could accomplish what a slew of arrows could not, what an army of cherubim and demons could not… what the power of The Hexinoth could not. I had nothing to regret. My place in Ithalon was assured, but as for the realm of C’erra Armánd… hope was gone. The Son of Sorrows had claimed His territory and His bride.

- (Exerpt provided from The Hour Is Come by Food For Thought)

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Released: Perishable Summer Fruit (fantasy) (Part One of the "Prophaetis Corum" series.)

Coming Attraction:Wonderfully Chaotic: The Merciless (angst / spiritual) ...from the makers of Merciless and Merciless: The Prequel.

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