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I have written Lord of the Rings (book-based), Generation X, Roswell, Star Wars, Ronin Warriors, X, and YAMI NO MATSUEI(!) fanfics. Not much else to say, except I enjoy reading various fandoms such as Farscape (TV show), Fushigi Yugi (Yui and/or Suboshi fics are my fave), Weib Kreuz, Fruits Basket, and many other anime fics.

Fic info:
1. Searching for Eden - after my five(?) month hiatus on this, I'm working on it again. Don't mind the Sliders parallels, though it was partially the basis for the back story in part 3 ^^;; Sliders and, like, Buffy.
2. The Things We See - Chapter 5 posted (but no Hajime-chan, sorry for the false expectations ^^; ). Have Hisoka-ness.
3. All my other unfinished fics - consider them on hold until further notice. Eheh...

... And I'm a feedback-whore. I adore feedback in any form. I've tried not to admit it, but I do it all for the reader response. Flames are fine (but critique would be better). Ugh, ugh, I'm so self-centered. :(

Fear me.

Oh, and uh, I do art. The site works only once in a while, but maybe you'd be curious enough to stop by my web-comic, Clipped Wings? It's at http:///