Luck of the Strigoi
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Name:They call me Mad Man Louie...You will too if you know what's good for you.

Sex: Well it's Mad -Man- Louie, now isn't it?

Location: Canada (With my ice computer plugged into an ice socket. I keep my sled dogs running to generate electricity...but it's starting to melt my left wall. Snow cone anyone?)

DOB: December 21, 19 years ago.

Hobbies: Training horses, riding horses, showing horses, buying horses, driving on mortor cycles, boxing, writing things that are demented, removing snakes from my house, and once a week I slip into the darkness and take one human life (We all have to do our part people..)

Favorite Music?: Calssic Rock. ACDC, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Queen, George Thorogood...tons more. But I go in for some New Rock too. Kid Rock I like...Audioslave's not bad either..I also have a soft spot for Good Charlotte. I don't like rap or heavy metal.

Arch Enemy?: Vincent Price. Damn you Vincent Price.

Favorite Book?: The one I get to beat Vincent Price with...oh...Uhh..I like -all- J.R.R Tolkiens work..including the preLotR stuff...and all the other stuff he wrote which had nothing to do with middle-earth. Begrugeeingly I'll admit I'm starting to like J.K.Rowling...but I've never read her work..and I never will. I'll just have people tell me about it...cause I'm stubborn. *shakes fist in hermit style*

What's with the horses?: I like horses.

Why no stories about horses?: There are...they just aren't horses.

What is with the vampires?: Well, first off if no one knows what a Strigoi is, that's fine. Could you be a nice person and read my stuff anyway? review it too...when no one does it makes me sad v.v Strigoi are explained in the first chapter of luck of the Strigoi...and likely you can look them up otherwise. Suprisingly I'm not normally into vampires...I'm actually more of a fantasy and dragons kinda fellow, but when you hit a char you click with you gotta go ^.^ I have always had a rather soft spot for the stange and super natural...andything as blatant as a firey demon that wanders around tearing everyone's head off is a bit too subtle an evil for me though XD

Luck of the Strigoi?: Aye, The Luck of the Strigoi is mock luck. It refers to the fact that there are only certain circumstance under which the Strigoi (who are very suspersticious vampires) will embrace someone into their wonderful world of demented, tormented, rotting, living corpses.

REVIEW! Review darn you!

Are you goth?: No. Never have been, never will be. You can have an odd personality and a dark sense of humor without falling into that category you know. I'm actually a farm boy if anything. I'm the evil Canadian farmering lad. Beware least I come after you with my plow. Grrr!

Are you crazy?: Quite...*repressed giggle followed by the random stabbing of a Vincent Price picture*

Are you into anything supernatural other than vampires then?: Karasu-tengu actually...Kitsune's get all the attention :P *Update* New found addiction to werewolves! Story already in the works! Beware...

Who are your horses?: I have several...
Son of the Reaper (aka Vlad); FresianXPaint.
Black Devils Big Evil (aka Anubis); AppaloosaXPercheron [deceased ;.;]
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*New* Roman's Abyss (aka Infiniti); Arabaian [What was I thinking? XD]

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