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well lets c. im 16 yers old and im from poland. actually anglo-polish but i live in dubai u.a.e..
i love God,sketching,music,reading,watching movies and x-treme sports,family n friends,writing (though i hate english).
i also love hanging out and causing mayhem!
i love unique and genuine stuff and hot guyz (oh if ur a brunette or have black hair then u have just been put in my 'most sexiest guyz' list! dude like duuuuuh brunettes are hot!!!!)

lets c my character. im bold, honest,a romantic at heart (though its hard 2 belive)im mysterious (thats wat most of my friends tell me)im intuitive,scarey,crazy,lovable,trustworthy,helpful,funny,aggressive at times, truthful,loud (lets just say my laugh can wake the dead), i hardly ever lose my cool but u do not, i repeat, DO NOT! want 2 c me angry cause i can embaress the living shit out of u,
and so on...

my fave kinda music is rock,trip hop,and other stuff...
i love:-
curve, diva destruction, genitorturers, bif naked, patty griffin, tara vanflower, attrition, stave hackett, the gathering, skunk anansie, hanzel und gretyl, lullacry, amphibious assault, theatre of tragedy, veruca salt, leaves yes, snake river conspiracy, otep, tapping the vein, switchblade symphony, nervecell, juiliet, massive attack, bjork, sinead o'conner, portishead, sneaker pimps, kidney thieves, NIN, goldfrapp, collide, gwen stefani, ciara, blink 182, hungry lucy, claire voyjant,

my most wierdest and often done hobby is talking to myself (that includes mouth movement but no noise, laughing with no noise... etc...)

so if ne1 is bored send me a email some time thnx!!

oh and...

S.T. MARY'S CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL SUUUUXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sadly i'm stuck there. *sigh*)

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