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Howdy Ya'll. I am the one, the only, Luckynumba7! I'm sure you'll all heard of me... *cough cough* Jk. welll... i guess i'll tell you bout myself.

Type of Music: Punk, Rock, Punk Rock (lol), Hard Rock, Country, Pop, anything besides the stupid oldies... gag!
Food: Fettichini from Chef Tom's *droooool*
Bands: Trapt, Earshot, Dashboard Confessional, Yellowcard, AFI, New Found Glory, Thursday, NOFX, My Chemical Romance, Something Corporate, Bowling For Soup Maroon 5 etc etc...
Movies: 16 Candles, Breakfast Club, Clueless, Joy Ride, Naked Gun movies, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, The Shining, Grind, etc...
Things to do: Play guitar, play sports, look at guy's butts... (Lisa, lol), shop, listen to music, go to concerts, swim, run, write, hang out... the norm
Songs: Love Song - 311, In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel, Girl All The Bad Guys Want - Bowling For Soup, Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional, She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5, Un-Break My Heart - Toni Braxton, Silver And Cold - AFI, Echo - Trapt. lots...
Butts: Jake Gorringe's ~ Paul Walker's ~ Tim McGraw's!
Car: 1967 SS Convertible Camaro with stink bug tires or 1969 Black, hard top, stink bug tires SS Camaro! Gorgeous vechicles!
Vacation: South Padre Island in Texas or Hawaii or New York or Lake Powell
I think you've had enough of my favorites... haha.

Next, i'd like to voice my opinion on the election of 2004. Sorry to say, but anyone who votes Kerry is an idiot! He's such a weasel. Did you know that he has 3 purple hearts for doing nothing? He was a wimp and got little tiny scratches and he whined and asked them to wrap them up when he should've been out there fighting but he got purple hearts for them. And other people who were out there fighting even when they had infected wounds and they had lost limbs and were bleeding everywhere... no they got REPRIMANDED for doing that. No purple heart for them. Kerry is a liar and a wimp. Bush is GREAT PRESIDENT! Let me ask you this, what would you do if in the beginning of your ruling of the most powerful country in the world, someone attacked some of your most valuable buildings and killed thousands of people? Bush was in a lose/lose situation. If he didn't go to war, everyone would be pissed. Now that he did go, everyone's still pissed. I say fuck you all! (pardon my french) The reason Bush looks bad with all the stupid jobless people or whatever, is because he has to deal with all of Clinton's backlash, The reason Clinton had so many jobs was because Bush Sr. did all of that. It didn't happen during his ruling but it did during Clinton's so therefore Clinton looked good and since Clinton messed up all the crap now Bush looks bad. If you'd like another Clinton, fine, vote Kerry. But if you want someone who can actually run our country valiantly, vote Bush. Peace Out.

If anyone has a problem with my opinion i say kiss my white butt. If you are a stupid tree hugging Democrat, i say *flips a bird* sit on it and spin. Wow i'm lady like today. Lol. But its true. F-You.

Now, back to happyness!

Batman Rocks. He's the coolest superhero. No, Superman is NOT the coolest. He's a nerd bomber who wears his underwear on the outside of his pants. Obviously he's a retard if he can't even get his underwear on the right side. Lol. Go batman! ^-^

I'm Proud To Be An American Where At Least I Know I'm Free. And I Won't Forget The Man Who Died Who Gave That Right To Me And I'll Gladly Stand Up Next To You And Defend Her Still Today. Cause There Aint No Doubt I Love This Land...
God Bless The USA

Tell her I'm not sorry
Mention my Ferrari
Just don't tell her that
I miss her
She wanted in
I wanted out
And that's the last thing we talked about
Remember how our hands matched
Love lines, same size
I guess I should have checked
If the lifelines were in line
I called on the phone
You still felt alone
And talked about the songs that made you cry

Cold Shower Tuesdays – Bowling For Soup

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