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Author has written 3 stories for Romance, and Life.
Age: 15
Gender: F
Religion: Christian
Prefers: Anything so long as it's fiction - ^^
- One Grand Love: In which a robot by name of Iklar decides he wishes to find his one true love; and therein an unhappy accountant by name of Janet is forced to accompany him. [PG - Humor, with a dash of unwitting - and quite awkward - romance] One-shot.
- Along a Silent Brook: Shy and miserable, Joanne Beckett is sent by a strange woman into a fantastical China that might have been but never was, and discovers a love she did not know existed. [PG 13 - Romance/Fantasy, with the faintest sprinkling of angst] Twenty chapters. Possibly more...
- Politics in Brogue: Brian Gunn, a simple Highlander with a poor life in the earliest of 1900s, stumbles into the already tangled life of Maya de'Washington, a thoroughly modern woman who does not need this. [PG 13 - Romance/Humor, heavily doused with fantasy, too] Twenty chapters. Probably more. ^^
- Saigh: Werewolves are not made, but born - and Simone Wong is learning the wounded wolf in her 'get-away-cottage' is something more... [PG 13 - Horror/Romance] One to three parts, all excessively (and annoyingly) long.
Status: Have just begun working on 'AaSB' and have begun preliminary research on Scotland for 'PiB.' Writing 'Saigh.' I can be found under the alias of PallaPlease.
Notes: I am incredibly serious when I say that I do not, under any circumstances, want anyone to thieve my ideas or stories. If this should ever happen - God forbid - I will promptly remove my stories and send a scathing response. Additionally, I am not privy to welcoming flames of any sort (unless I absolutely deserve them for being a brickheaded loon) and will quickly delete any unnecessarily cruel remarks. Don't want to help me become a better writer? Fine, then, don't review. ^-
Feedback: I crave feedback, I do. Absolutely love finding out what people think on my work, so long as it does not contain vulgar terms, snarky tangents, or cruelty.
Favorites: If I put a story on my favorites, rest assured it's staying there. ^^ Unless FictionPress ever pulls a and completely reboots, therefore removing all my favorites - sorry, pet peeve, I'm getting over it, I'm fine. However, if I find an author who has more than one story I'm very fond of, I'll have them as a favorite author instead of several stories in my favorite stories section. Limited space being what it is and all. ^-
E-Mail/AIM: Respectively, pallaswolf@ and WolfHowlN2. I'm currently in Egypt, though, so AIM would be incredibly tricky to work; time differences being what they are, it might be completely impossible.
Favorite Authors: A horrid amalgam, it is. Diana Gabaldon (the Outlander series, The Outlandish Companion) and H.P. Lovecraft (Call of Cthulhu, Dagon, The Temple), followed distinctly by Kathleen Givens (the Kilgannon series) and J.K. Rowling (and if you don't know she's writing the Harry Potter series, climb out from under your rock RIGHT NOW). After that, I like Brian Jacques (the Redwall series, Castaways of the Flying Dutchman and its following parts), Lord Byron and Robert Burns (respectively, a British poet and a Scottish poet), and Lloyd Alexander (The Prydain Chronicles - my favorite book series ever). I'm also particularly fond of CLAMP (MKR, CCS, but mostly everything related to CLAMP School), Takahashi Rumiko (Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha), Takeuchi Naoko (The Cherry Project, Sailor V, Sailor Moon), Oda Eiichiro (One Piece), Hirano Kouta (Hellsing - I love the manga a great deal more than the anime), and Takei Hiroyuki (Butsu Zone, Shaman King). Humberto Ramos, Peter David, and Mark Waid can have my vital organs if they want 'em. Posted:
- 06/06/03: Prologue of 'Along a Silent Brook'
- 06/08/03: Chapter One of 'Along a Silent Brook'
- 06/23/03: 'Nothing' [one-shot poem]
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'I am human and all of those preceding.'
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Shy and miserable, Joanne Beckett is sent by a strange woman into a fantastical China that might have been but never was, and discovers a love she did not know existed.
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