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=O Sorry people! Been on(actually..STILL on) a HUGE writers block... (x.x) *yawns* Not like any one you read my shieetttt... PSHA. Have no inspiration, really... but... yeah... lots happened since I was gone...Was in a bad relationship that started off good. Mm.. now I'm crushin on some kid... =] I fall too fast...Anwyz, I might no even get time to write as much as I used to... so many projects and all this schoolwork... and graduating soon... the pressure's building up... = Gotta focus on my studies.

...Stressed...having trouble trying to laugh it off.. sigh. =o)

So you wannnnnna know a little more about me, aye??? =o)

name: rizza(reez-uh)
nicknames: reezuhd0rk, squishy(kevin), shortstack(gina), strawberry(marc), marshmellow(lj), mc are mizzo(sherm), mir(sam)..and more =0)
status: flyin solo... not really wanna b in a relationship right now.. =
loc:south philly 215
aznality: filipino
birthday: 924 =D

likes: going out, having fun, living life to the fullest, music(listen&play), d.d.r(dance dance revolution), d.d.r freaks... AMAZING! chocolate, guys, going online, foooooooddd, kevin, knowing that someone luvs u, friends, monnney, having a good conversations, walking outside alone, my doggie, reminiscing, pictures, taking pictures, compliments, cooking, snow, listening to the rain, cherrystone, summer, beaches, swimming, poetry, pretty eyes, sports, rice, my cd burner, my xanga html, people i can trust, singing, dancing... and more!!!!

dislikes: racism, glue, work, blurry pictures, backstabbers, wannabes, when everyone's online except the person you want most to be on isn't, hypocrites, twinkies[yellow on the outside... white on the inside...(azn ppl who r white on the inside), when the computer crashes, fighting, not knowing, suprises, being excluded, disrespect, when i lose someone i love, stalkers*AHEM, blabbermouths, gossipers, girly girls, getting hurt, corny music, corny movies, cheaters, smokers, druggies... and more!!!!

facts you wouldn't know...=O ;; i fall in 'love' way too easily, i'm not a phone person, i dont care about clothes, i LOVE nature, i'm sensitive, i can be the hardest worker.. or the biggest procrastinator, sometimes i'd rather hang out with guys than girls, i get jealous VERY easily, i'm revengeful, i get mad easily... but i don't show it until it REALLY irks me..=]

rubs eye* i think thatsss it... = visit my xanga... +.+ reasonably_crazy... okiiiiee peaceee out =o)

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