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Today is Thursday, 5th January 2006.

Happy Belated New Year! :D Actually I updated last night, but I completely forgotten to update this page. XD Anyway, here I am, with a new chapter! :D

-Posted “Wings of Power, Eyes of Heresy”, Chapter One! :D

Story currently being written: Wings of Power, Eyes of Heresy (novel, which I hope shows that I'm improving!), andThe Story of Corinne Reinhart (short story, which is pretty long, in my opinion...)

About Me! :D

Name: Blue Dragon-sy, and people just call me Blue-chan (What, you think I'd give you my real name? :P)
B-day: I'm born on the 23th of November 1986! Will you give me a present? :D
Gender: Female (yes, I'm a girl!)
Hobbies: Let's see... I love reading, writing stories, playing video games (I've played over 30 RPGs!), sketching (with anime-style artwork), listening to game music, arranging sheet music from games, composing music (I have the tendency to compose game-style music), taking online tests, and the list goes on...
Status: Now I'm still schooling, but I'm taking pre-university classes. I can assure you, the Physics class is a killer. Not that the teacher is scary or strict or what, but for some reason you'll never get to understand what he says in class. :P
Current beta-readers: Jake Delfeir (actually, he's my Extricator-from-stuck-moments :P)

First off, I'd like to state that I'm an RPG video game fan. RPG stands for 'Role-Playing Game', like the Final Fantasy series and other games like that. Because I've played a lot of RPGs, my story will seem like one! However, I might have grammar mistakes here and there, so please forgive me if I have (I hope not!)

And now, I will present to you... my stories! (tries to do a ta-da pose but trips over a rock and falls head first into a pile of mud, everyone laughs at her)
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