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I'll be posting quick works of flash fiction from time to time from the prose work I do in my creative writing class. Feedback is greatly appreciated. My postings are very erratic, but recently I've been putting more work up. Hope you enjoy.


Fiction press is making me angry. I don't really see a reason why to post on here any longer...not that I'm desperate for reviews but it's frustrating never to get ANY feedback on anything I try to post lately. It's a little depressing, and I just don't see the point anymore. Yet...I do it anyway. BAH! Anyway. another piece of work posted. "My Angel..." is a work of flash fiction I did for my writing class. It's a shocker. At least I believe so, sort of deviant. But I thought it was rather well done. Once in the Night is not being finished, I do not believe. Sorry, not that anyone really cares though o.O

Also, I changed my username from sorrowfulAngel to NurseDelilah. NurseDelilah is my alternate ego. Don't ask. I have a sick personality. I love me some syringes though =D


...New poem. Sorry about the not adding more to Once in the Night. I have idea though...actually have been writing them out too! gasp But yes, new poem inspired by the torture I've been putting myself through for over the past...two years now? (O.o Damn, long time.) it if you like.


Kay. So, not much progress on Once in the Night. Ehh..It'll get done eventually. I did write a new poem though! Sin of the Masochist is the newest and most likely the most dark I've ever written. Be cautious when reading it, but PLEASE review. 3


...I would like to apologise to anyone who has been a dedicated to any of my works. I have been greatly lacking in my writing...I think my muses have sought off to destroy themselves, therefore I am left without inspiration. However, I promise to continue my story "Once in the Night" the moment all the issues in my life right now get resolved. Certainly, they are quite important because if they weren't I would continue. Anyway, I shall be removing my story "Once in the Night" for the time being. I'll probably take it off completely withing the next few days. When I COMPLETELY finish my story, I will repost it--new and improved. I just feel so guilty making anyone wait on me--I know how that feels and I resent authors who do that.

So I would simply wish to express my regret for being rude.

Please, be patient with me.


Merry Christmas to everyone a little bit early! er...and happy holidays ;; Imade an addition to my collection of poems here! Jealousy is something I came up with when I was staring at the back of this Barbie doll's head during class oneday...

And no. I'm not really all that jealous of theseplastic women. I am just simply disgusted with their perfection. But whatever. It's a good poem, so please read and review!


I am so sorry to anyone and everyone who liked what I wrote.

Sadly I have the worst writers block EVER.

I seriously am so very frustrated with myself but please bear with me...don't lose interest.

I swear I'll try harder.


Weird. I wrote the sad writers block entry and then suddenly I was inspired to write.

Deluded Ecstasy is new, so reviews would be greatly appreciated. i had someone in mind when I wrote it...Jade knows ;;

BleedingInk is an amazing poetess and I love her. Check out her work 3

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