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I am Lady Meilin also known as Sushi to many. Am 17. Will be 18 on May 27, 2008. Enjoys writing, reading, play-by-post roleplay, webdesign. Listens to Dir en Grey, Malic Mizer, Trapt, Three Days Grace, The Killers, Ayumi Hamasaki, Maya Sakamoto, Ogata Megumi, Cold, Godsmack, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Evanescence, Gackt, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, Younha. Favorite Authors in Real Life are J.R.R Tolkien, Eli Wiesel, JK Rowling, Christopher Poalini, Kenneth Oppel, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Tamora Pierce, Garth Nix, Sylvia Louise Enghadl, Madeline L'engle, Annette C. Klause, David Drake. Favorite Authors on are chibichocobo, Kakyou Takashiro, paperbutterfly, Alynxia, spikedmango. Favorite food is orange chicken with rice. Updates are biweekly at best.

Current Stories:

Wicked & Pure Status: Hiatus

Finding Crystal:

Chapters Up: one.two.

Status of Next Chapter: zero.percentQuote:

"A thought is simply a rose in the garden we call the mind, fueled by the fountain we call imagination."

- Lady Meilin (Me)

"...the majority of people who imitate philosophers confuse the true with the false, and they do nothing but deceive and pretend knowledge, and they do not use what they know of the sciences except for base and material purposes; and if they see a certain person seeking for the right and preferring the truth, doing his best to refute the false and untrue and leaving aside hypocrisy and deceit, they make a fool of him and mock him. "

-Omar Khayyam (Muslim Mathmetician, Scientist and Poet)

Random Thoughts:

"I have failed to convey the wealth of emotions that roil in the depth of my mind - and I fear that in that I will continue to fail."


"Qataltu nafsii, wa jaladtu qalbii, wa nasaytu kullu ma fee hathid Dunya khaiir." I killed myself, and tamed my heart, and have forgotten everything that is good in this world.


"...everyone always writes about the pain of loss of love...but no one ever writes about the absence..."


"..wake up next to me..."


"...that feeling in the pit of your stomache that is so will take control of your emotions and thoughts until you know nothing of your existance but of the exhilerating, infuriating and destructive emotions and thoughts that swirl in your head..."


"Beauty is the unnerving passion aroused when ones heart feasts upon an exceptional specimen of Gods creation."


"Seldom do we remember the incredible women that stood behind the incredible men- unless ofcourse, you're being attacked by a feminist."


"Some times I wonder if the memories that I cherish are nothing but moments of my which my mind creates that which I wish was true..."


"People say that a thing dies of misuse...if so then my heart must beat no longer...for I have yet to feel the bitter sweetness of love.."


"Some people read to experiance...others to learn...some simply to enjoy...however..I believe the reason I read is simply in hopes of forgetting...even for the small amount of time that I submerge myself within the world of the forget all that I suffer..."


"In this fog..all I wish is to be be be loved..."


"All I am...all I wish to merely a shadow in the fog of time..."


"What's the point in life?...If your'e going to die...why keep on living?..."


Updates now on /chronicles. The link is above.
Update: 4.25.06

No, I have not died and nor have I forgotten about this lovely site or your lovely stories. Life for me has currently been screwed.I seem to have nearly no time on my hands. Sorry, sorry, sorry. To everyone! I don't know who even reads this anymore but two things to take note of: 1)My email address has changed. If you still email me at the yahoo! account I'm not responding because I no longer check it. 2) drum roll I have decided to put Huntress of the Moon back up. However, I am doing a major overhaul. I went through the story and gagged 100 - 200 times. Anyway, the plot will stay the same and the characters mostly. Upping the ages and making a few plot twists. I'm working on it and it should be up with in the month.

Love all of you guys. Drop me an email or IM some time. Ciao!

Last Update: 06.14.07 12:22AM est.
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