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*For those of you who have enjoyed reading every update to my story, I must apologize for the delay in this latest chapter. My main computer has been having problems and I tried to fix it, which only fried it. I managed to save the story file, but then my second computer fried. It took a while to fix just one computer and get my story file back up so I could work on it.

For pictures and other information on Aeon Souls, visit my website.

Feel free to contact me with any opinions (outside reviews) and things you think would be cool to see in the future, would think would fit right in, or would just generally be funny to see happen to these guys! =O Several things in this story have been added based on fun and different ideas that friends and various readers have given me.

Myself -

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Art, Writing (not reading, but I'm trying!), Game Development

Pet Peeves: Finding a story that sounds interesting, only to find that it's formatted improperly. =/ Hate hate HATE big blocky paragraphs that are unorganized, don't start over when there's a different major thing happening, and don't start over when another character is taking a turn to talk in quotes. > Origin of Name: I played Everquest with two characters - Chamcham and Zelgadis. Eventually my friends began to fuse the names together into Chamzel, and it stuck to me... even though Chamcham was a girl... blah!

Why I write: I've always wanted to develop a game of my own that everyone would fall in awe to (in other words, really like it and anticipate it's release). So I started writing so I could plot out the story of how the game would go, imagining things as I wrote along. Over time the desire to make a game with the characters I started since I was in the second grade became a desire to make.. a movie! A TV Cartoon Series! And the game itself.

Any questions about the story's past, present, or future, feel free to contact me and ask. I'll come up with an answer for you.

Cheers! =)

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