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I was born in a log cabin in the Sierra woods five miles from Sonora uphill in the snow both ways.

My mama walked barefoot. She carried me in a papoose on her back like a sack of potatoes that cried. She was purdy, my mama, but she was sad because daddy had left us after I was born for some high falutin' hussy in Virginia City.

To keep us happy, we would sing and she would tell stories. I loved these stories. She used to talk of bravery and revolution, and lost love. And so it spurred a revolution in my soul.

Her stories gave me something I never thought possible; Freedom! Freedom from this cold little cabin, freedom to dream dreams to live for and the freedom to develop a case of itchy feet. I wanted to wander the world, see these places she spoke of. I wanted to leave these here mountains and aim fer the beauty of the big city lights! I wanted to be... a writer.

The above piece is fiction. :) Although I was raised in the foothills of the sierras, and my mom did read and sing to me, and I did want to live the kinds of stories that she told, so I became an actor. Then I became a writer. I don't know how, but it happened.

I did not, however, ride around in a papoose.

I am 26, and have lived an additional ten years within the last 4.

I like walks on the beach, thunder storms (boy, do I love watching lightning and listening to the thunder. I was in Oklahoma during a huge storm when I was 11, sitting on the car with my cousin, and watching the storm. It was dangerous. I wouldn't recommend it, but it was so awesome.) I also like coffee, chocolate, cats, singing in public, singing in the shower, coffee, chocolate, shopping, writing at Starbucks, coffee, chocolate, cinnabons, making up weird things to say just for the sake of saying them, coffee, chocolate, music, classical music and alternative, acting for stage and the camera, being silly, and did I mention coffee and chocolate?

I hate summer. It never goes away in L.A! At least where I grew up, we had definitive seasons. The constant warmth and sunshine is driving me nuts!

I come from a line of nerds, Sci-fi geeks, Trekkers, and goof-offs.

NOTE OF INTEREST: I recently found out through my mother that my family line dates back to the name Angus, then Douglass, then back to my great great grandfather who was a Stewart. The Stewarts go back to Bonnie Prince Charlie. It's not a wonder that I've always had an interest in the Celtic life and ways. I'm Scottish, and I'm royalty. :) Bow down, ye peasants, and shower your lady with gems.

Still... the Stewarts lost Castle Stalker ((a.k.a Castle "Aaaauugh!" in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail") to the Campbells in a bet. (Go figure.) My grandmother married into the Campbell family. So either way, I get my bloody castle back.

Fantasy has always been my favorite genre to read and write about. Ever since I saw Starwars for the first time when I was 6, I fell in love with fantasy --as well as Luke Skywalker. :)

ANOTHER NOTE OF INTEREST: My greatest work, Itara: Son of C'resth, is the first book in the "Itara Trilogy" --an original novel that has been picked up by Black Rose Writing. Believe it or not, 1/4 of my life has been devoted to developing the world of Itara. The idea struck me as daydreams when I was 15 in 1996. I started doing something with it when I was 18 in 1999.

You can order Itara: Son of C'reseth from your local booksellers, or online at www.blackrosebooks.com. My pen name is M.K. Presson My website www.itaran.wordpress.com has loads of information. :)

Every chapter (including subsections) were written to various pieces of music, so each one flows with a song that inspired it. The chapter where Mason and his friends are running from Pru's father was written to Craicmor track 2 'Collier & guns." Adiamus is responsible for chapter 3. Some Riverdance songs are involved, as well as some rock and Alternative from various artists, and cd's I've collected. And so on and so forth. Lets leave it at way too many to take note of, or remember. They come to mind when I read each chapter.


"And it came to pass..." (Read on repeat, and you have the bible.)

"I said something cool once, but I forget what it was." --Dan Westerman

"I am the Little Black Ninja!" --Scott Beason

"It's a cruton comma. It's pretty, but you don't need that many. Don't over decorate the salad." --Ray Garcia (Mentor/Beta)

"Life is like a box 'a... oo, chocolates!" --Me

"Never put three water signs together and expect them to make a decision." --Ray Garcia

"I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper and keep him company. I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper and live by the side of the sea. I'll polish his lamp by the light of day so ships at night can find their way. I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper, won't that be ok." --'I wanna Marry a Lighthouse Keeper' from "A Clockwork Orange."

"What do birds think about when they fly?" --Drew.

"Trekkers have never had a nerd in their ranks quite like you." --Me to my brother.

"Sportin' goods store! I use 'ta own a sportin' goods store! In Long Island!" --Jeff. (r.i.p my friend.)

"You take care of yourself, all right?" --Jonathan Brandis (r.i.p my friend.)

"It's not what you cover, it's what you uncover." --Walter Lewin. Physics Prof. at MIT

"It seems the older I get, the more Canadians I meet." --Me

"Stop staring at me, swan!" --Heather

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." --Edgar Allen Poe

"Soon I'll grow up and I won't even flinch at your name." --Alanis Morissettee. "Flinch"

"Mmm. Cake." --Sylar "Heroes"

"Once, when I was young,

Ev'ryone called me gifted

And words flowed simply.

Now I have to work,

Each new word a paradox.

What gift then, is this?"

--R. E. Ellison

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