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Updated May 20, 2006

Guys, I'm so sorry that I've been taking forever updating my stories. I've been very lazy what with work and my senior year; however, I am making an effort to update my most popular fanfics. If you all continue to be patient, I swear that one of your favorites will be updated soon!

As of 5/10/06: Darkness Turns Into Light is still being revised!!!! The chapters that have been revised: Chapter One and Chapter Five. The last uploaded chapter, which is chapter eight, is fine.

Also, as of 5/20/06: Love Can Be Found In the Most Unusual Place has been updated! Check out chapter Nine: A Game of Cat And Mouse!!!!

Hello. I am eighteen years old, and my birthday is February 18, 1988. I have dirty blonde hair, and gray eyes. I am about five feet, five inches. My favorite subject is History. I love to learn about World War II, as well as the Middle Ages. I love to read and write, and watch TV. My favorite show is 24, I love Jack Bauer, he’s so cute! I love all genres of music, but my favorite is Ska. My favorite band is Green Day, but this surprises a lot of my friends because I often talk about Nirvana.

I love to make collages that I frame and than hang in my room. I google pictures of my favorite bands, and than print out the pictures and paste them onto cardboard. I have pictures of all my favorite bands, pluse game pictures from FFX, FFVIII, FFVII, and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

I am a rabid Red Sox fan. I cannot stand the Yankees, though I have nothing against their fans. I have seen the Red Sox at Fenway Park three, and am going to see them again when the next season starts(during the summer). My favorite player is David Ortiz.

Hmm...What else? I have a twenty-one-year-old brother named James. Surprisingly I get along with all of my brother's friends, and they are kind to me. I especially get along well with Beth, my brother's girlfriend.

I have a lot of friends myself, but I in no way consider myself to be popular. I am one of those people who have a small group of friends that they hang out with all day. Such is with me. I also have friends that I talk to through out the day, but mostly it is the same four people.

I am single as of rigth now, and that's fine with me.

I love to read fanfiction, and my all time favorite are Yaoi, and Shonen-Ai. The best fanfic I have ever read is called; "I Don't Wanna Stop" and it can be found on . It is, however, incest between Benji and Joel of Good Charlotte. I bet that a lot of people don't like that, yet they are my favorite Yaoi couple...

Anime wise, the best fanfic that I have ever read had to be...Salvation. It can be found on, and the couple is Yami and Yugi...

Currently I am reading a Japanese Manga called Bleach. My friend Matt is letting me read the first 11 volumes. As of right now, I am more than half-way through volume 7. And after I devour all of the chapters available on the internet, I have The Three Musketeers waiting for me...

My favorite movie is We Were Soldiers, and my favorite author is Christine Feehan. She writes the "Dark" series, which is about a group of people called Carpathians. They are often mistakenly associated with Vampires. In the books they find their Lifemates.

As I said before, my favorite genre of music is Ska. However, I listen to heavy metal, "Punk Pop", techno, oldies, and Christian music. So basically I will listen to anything that is on the radio. I am strange like that, I know.

My favorite singers in this order are: Reese Roper of the former band Five Iron Frenzy, Kurt Cobain of(Ex?)Nirvana, Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory, Mark Hunter of Chimaira, Harry Chapin, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, and Till Lindman of Rammstein.

Other bands/Singers I like are: Nirvana, Reel Big Fish, Five Iron Frenzy, Rammstein, Less Than Jake, Chimaira, Simple Plan, System of A Down, Taproot, Papa Roach, Evanescence, Sum 41, Blink-182, Creed, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Adema, Harry Chapin, Staind, New Found Glory, Catch 22, Story of the Year, Nickelback, Sugar Ray, Matchbox 20, Puddle of Mudd, Godsmack, Three Doors Down, Brave Saint Saturn, Green Day, Smash Mouth, Goldfinger, Janis Joplin, Slipknot, Taking Back Sunday, Three Days Grace, AC-DC, Drowning Pool, The Killers, Mudyvane, Crossfade, My Chemical Romance, Weezer, The Used, Stutterfly, Blineside, Motion City Soundtrack, Gwen Stefanie, Queen, The Who, and Linkin Park.


(Jerry talking to Elaine about Kramer's girlfriend)"I believe I said, 'How come no one's killed her?'"-From Seinfeld

(Squall talking about a Laguna flashback where he was Laguna)"I had a dream, too. It wasn't nice, though...I dreamt I was a moron."--Final Fantasy VIII

(My ex-friend Ashley talking playing Mario Kart and is Yoshi)"I'm a dinosaur, and I'm getting beaten up by a dumb plumber!"--Original Quote

"It's three simple words: I am gay."-Homer talking about why Woodrow Wilson couldn't see Edna anymore--The Simpsons

(Carson throws a football and breaks a chandelier)"Mamma always said don't play ball in the house. I so didn't plan that." (Thom)"Oh my God." (Ted)"When gays throw footballs."--Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

(NESN announcer talking about David Ortiz's line drive)"Manny's running for his life, trying to get out of the way."

(Yuna talking about Tidus)"...But sometimes I find myself stopping...I'm waiting for your whistle."--Final Fantasy X-2

(Yuna the first time Tidus sees her-To her guardians)"I have done it. I have become a Summoner." --Final Fantasy X

(My then boyfriend and I talking about cleaning my room-Dan)"The first step to solving the problem is admitting you have a problem. And you have a problem with cleaning your room. It doesn't get done."(Pauses)"Ever." --Original Quote

(After Moe catches catches Maggie who was ejected from her car seat-Krusty's assistant)"That hideous man caught the baby!"--The Simpsons

(Jai)"Okay, we gotta round up the troop in here! Hey, if you're gay, come in this room!" (Carson)"I'm not gay, I'm just questioning."--Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

(My history teacher)"Well, Russia still has some problems with being a world power...not a strong or stable economy...government..." (Chris)"Educated people."--Original Quote

(My English teacher)"What kind of words go into a thesis statement?" (Chris)"Words." (My English teacher)"English words."--Original Quote

(I'm talking about how my ex-friend Ashley is going to be in my Modern China/Japan class)"If she tries and talks to me I'm going to take out my Katana and slash her wrist!" (Matt)"Amazingly enough that weapon is appropriate for the class we're going to be taking."--Original Quote

(Doctor Farnsworth after finding out that one of his old co-workers was killed)"How's his wife holding up?"(pauses)"To shreds you say?"--Futurama

(Goofy talking about being stuck inside a giant whale)"And for today's weather expect showers."(After getting hit with a treasure chest)"Gah! Heavy showers!"--Kingdom of Hearts

(My friend Nick playing Resident Evil 4-He shoots Louis, who than shoots Leon and kills him-Nick)"Oh no, bullets! My one weakness! How did you know?!"--Original Quote

(Lois tells Peter to look at the newspaper for some good news-Peter)"Oh God, 200 people die in train derailment. Lois, that's morbidly obese! How could you think that's good news?!"--Family Guy

(Jason talking about World War I)”France should have been blamed for the war, not Germany. You know why there’s no French history class? Because it would be boring, and there’s nothing to talk about.”--Original Quote

But enough about me, check out my fanfics...please?

Here is what I am currently working on:

My first Fanfic is Soulmates: Krystin and Derrick's Story. This fanfic is no longer on hold! I am now continuing it!

Number of Chapters(currently): 4 + Author's Note

My character Krystin is based on me, in chapter two I describe what she looks like, and in real life that is how I look. My character Derrick is based on my(then) crush, but I changed his last name(and mine too), and I slightly altered his appearance. I also made up the name of the school(I don't think it's a real place.)

My second fanfic, Love Can Be Found In The Most Unusual Place, is based on a dream I had. Myex friend Ashley convinced me to post it. It started off really slow, but it appears that people really like it a lot. I hope that everyone is enjoying it.

Number of Chapters(currently): 9

My third fic is To Love A Vampire. It is a story that I came up with while watching an episode of Buffy. It is really unique, and I enjoyed writing it. It was completed on December 9, 2003.
Number of Chapters(Currently):9 + COMPLETED!!!!

A trial of Destiny is my fourth fic. It is about an eighteen-year girl who falls in love with a troubled gothic named Aaron. In the story, Jennifer tells her story to her doctor Mr. Brown. It is a really great story, and I hope that people want me to continue with it.
Number of Chapters(Currently): 2

Darkness Turns Into Light is my fifth fanfic. It is a Yaoi, in fact the first Yaoi that I have ever tried to write, though I have read a lot of them. This fic appears to be going really well. Everyone seems to really love it. Anyway, back to the plot. This fic is about a lonely boy named Michael "Reese" Matthews. He just got back from summer vacation in Germany. He is very lonely, and he has no friends. A Vampire named Keith has been watching Reese for ten years, and finally decides to approach him. He claims Reese as his, and only his. How will Reese take this? And in case you are wondering, this fic has no relation to Jhessail’s is marked by Mark. Yes, this is in a way a spin off, but it has no relation other than that.

Number of Chapters(Currently): 8

The Art of Seduction is my sixth fanfic. When the new student Jordan comes to Peter’s class, Peter is determined to have him. But when Peter finds out that Jordan is “Straight”, it now becomes the “Art of Seduction”. Will Peter get his man?

Number of Chapters(Currently): 4

A Forbidden Love is my seventh and newest fanfic. It is about a girl named Morgan Lee whose life has taken a turn for the worst. Her brother Aaron has always been there for her, but something happens, and a "forbidden Love" forms between them. This fanfic has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now, and with "To Love A Vampire" finally completed(and the sequel finally being written)I finally could try writing it. Lots of thanks to my other beta reader Mike, for asking me to give it a try.
Number of Chapters(Currently): 3

Dark Curse is my eight fanfic. It is the sequel to "To Love A Vampire". In this fanfic, Jhessail is six months pregnant with Mark's heir. Her father begins a war between Vampires and Slayers that could destroy Jhessail's new life.
The couples in this story are(Currently): Jhessail/Mark Nicole/Michael
Possible Couples are: Nathaniel/Trinity and Kurt/Erick(Yaoi, but still being considered)
Number of Chapters(Currently): 5

Out of all the stories I am currently working on, my favorite has to be "Darkness Turns Into Light" I love that fanfic. I also cannot wait to do the sequel to "To Love A Vampire".

I have no idea what kind of stories I am going to put up next. I get these random times where I come up with a new idea, and then I post it. After that, I usually do not want to continue with it anymore, it is very annoying not only for the people who have taken the time to review my fics, but for me too.

And as always..."You Don't Even Know Who I Am!"

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