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Hey it's GryffindorsQueen speaking.

As you can see I do one of three genres in my stories. My areas of expertise are:

Science Fiction

Ancient Greece Mythology



My latest works of art are consuming most of my time on the computer. Meaning that I don't have time for much else. My stories are REALLY important to be but somehow along the way I lose motivation for writing them. I love reviews and the more reviews I get, the more I try to work on my stories!! Helpful hint there, people.

Current Stories:

The Acuran Empire: basically my own mythological stage, created my own gods and wham! I have a story about a girl trying to recover the throne and take out a nasty evil Empire. Unfortunately, she's chased by bounty hunters and many other people who want to see her dead. Trust me, it won't be an easy ride to the throne for Lillith! Also note: WRITER'S BLOCK! Arrgh!

Godlings: basically a story about ten children of the Gods. I've started off with Zeta and her rise to Leadership and the trials she will have to face along the way. At the moment though, I've got writer's block for this one, and I'd appreciate any help you can give.

Pandora's Box: Is a rerun of the old myth with a few extra characters and a modern day styled setting. The world is dying thanks to Pandora's Box and it's up to Emerald Stone to retrieve it and release the one thing that might save theworld, and the Gods, from dying. In the process though she'll uncover an ancient enemy of the Gods and face another hero who's quest is to see her dead. Will she succeed or will she discover that maybe darkness isn't enough to guide her to victory?

That's all three, and I think their might be a fourth, but I honestly can't remember what it is right now. You'll have to see for yourselves.

Cheers, and thanks to all my reviewers,


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War may split people apart, but it can also bring them together. Can the people Kathel opposes be the very people she needs to save? Does she dare? In these dangerous times, signing up with the enemy is as good as signing your own death warrant.
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