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Amythest Eyes is currently being rewritten, slowly but surely. More slowly than surely, but hey, what can I say? I'm easily distracted.

Should be posting quite a bit of poetry soon... that is, as soon as I type it up.

Uploaded new poem, 'Opaque', on le 18 Mars, 2004

Also, I posted and then took down a story called Meeting the Real Me. It's a bit too close to the heart for me to have friends I see every day read, so I'm probably going to open another account and put that and any yaoi I happen to write there, so that no one will know it's me. I'm so lame.

I have a lot of things in the works right now, so here's a brief overveiw of things you should be seeing from me soon:

Starspin- Elizabeth Harston's best friend has always been the star that was named for her when she was born. She finally gets up the courage to make a wish on her sixteenth birthday, only to see the star burn out as she makes it. But who is the new boy who shows up in her homeroom the next day? Sooooo corny, I know.

Loving Drake-tentative title- First person POV- We were young and stupid, choosing not to get legally married, despite our rings and vows. We thought that love would get us through anything. But when I got pregnant, Drake walked out. Now he's back, right when I need him most. OK- this one's on major hold. it'll go into the archives and be brought out next summer sometime... or next week, depending on my mood and amount of free time.

A Whole New World- also a tentative title- "Are you tired of where you are, but don't know where you're going? Want to get away for a while, do something different? Well, here's your chance. The governments of the United States of America, the Russian Republic, and Democratic China have banded together to fund and populate a colony on the surface of the planet Mars. That's right, we are now accepting people to live in this colony for six month stints, and are currently in need of voluteers to go on the first civilian expedition, which is taking place this spring. Some restrictions apply, see your local government office for details, or go online to /civiliansignup for more information." Right. Just what Marcia needs. I'm working on the outline as I type.. at least, I'm trying to... stupid distracty internet.

The Matchmaker- A lonely secretary in a high school front office is actually a member of a special government team designed to bring togther the movers and shakers of the world as couples and partners, in order to coordinate the best economical and political foothold in the world.

That's all I'm working on for now, plus a couple of fanfics on , one of which will be reposted soon (Gundam Wing, 2x1), and another which isn't posted yet, but is quite long and I anticipate it to a full 3-5 hundred pages typed(HP, Draco/Hermione). My main problem isn't ideas, it's finding the time to write them down and make sure I keep everything going. I try to have at least two chapters written and perfected and beta'd and have at least a general idea of where something is going before I post. I learned that lesson from AE.

My stuff at can be found under this same A/N. Oh well. Maybe I'll get time to change it, eventually. I've also got numerous plot bunnies flying around (do bunnies fly?) ... Mulan has one, as does the Lion King and several others. I need help... or less homework.

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