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~News~ 11-27-05
Put up a new little thingy ma bob. may you enjoy it or may it bore you to friggin death.. 3

Since my last update here, a lot has happened to me. So here's what I'll do. I'll give you all a description of me. Here goes...

name: Ravage Blue
Real Name: *can't tell* *mother will kill me*
B-day: 1-31-90 *do the math*
Status: Single
Grade: 9th
Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother, I'm the oldest.
Pets: Moses (dog), Joshua (Dog)and Cherokees Barleo (Horse) (YES!!! I HAVE A HORSE!!!! I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!! by the way, if you own horses and are reading this, by all means find me somehow and we'll talk. I need more horse buddies.)
Lives in: Missouri, that's all ya need to know
New: nothing other then all that above. but i'll keep you posted on me personally down here. the other kind of stuff is in ~News~.
Muses: The Vampire Chronicles, Underworld, Underworld CD, Inuyasha, Creed, Evanescence CD, Ayashi no Ceres ((BIG one here)), SoulTaker, Daredevil CD, Matchbox 20 CD ((that one was really surprising)), Josh Groban CDs, Lord of the Rings Movies and CDs, my average life, actually ((REALLY surprising))

Stories/Ideas for stories

Yasha Hybrid: Currently... dead... deader then a nail. But I'm still in the Re-vamping stages. Chapter one to

Yasha Hybrid: The Rebirth ((The re-vamped version)) Is up adn running. I'll put up a summary up here later...

Through the Eyes of a Blind Killer: Dead. and has a slim chance of revival... I might get inspirtation though... or I might just delete and re-vamp altogether

Colors, Crystals, and Elements: It's dead, and I only keep it around because I lost the original document... Slim chance of a slim chance that I'll redo this one...


An Angel's Journey: Kai, a 'young' angel, has been punished and banished to earth... Though he doesn't remember why. In order to regain his memory and place in Heaven, he must travel with a woman named Tara Morin, a murder suspect, and a different type of Detective, Chris Jakes. He must battle the occasional demon, make his way past certain tasks, and go through Judges who are Heaven-sent. But what exactly did he do to get banished and will it interfere with a possible relationship with Tara?

Elements in the Pairs: ((In for a possible name change)) On her sister's birthday, Francis, a seventeen-year-old girl, decides to run away. Needless to say, she doesn't get very far before she is confronted by two young men who tell her she is the Keeper of the Red element, Fire... and they happen to have pointed ears. They're the kind who catch your attention. Well, a couple of days later, she's confronted by strange shadow-like creatures, who call themselves 'Devas.' Fighting them, allows Francis to realize what the two boys meant by 'Keeper of Fire.' The next thing she knows, she's Bar-B-Qing everything in sight, until the two return and help her control her power. They claim to be the Keeper and Guardian of Day and Night. Now she must team up with the Keepers of the Blue, Green, and White Elements ((Ice, Earth and Wind)) and their Gaurdians as well... Confusing, ne?

Dragons of the Realm: A young woman, named Laura, finds herself coming home after a long and troubling day at work. Desperate to make the pain go away, she has thoughts of suicide, and stumbles into her bathroom. Well, as if work wasn't bad enough, now she starts seeing Dragons in her own reflections and dreams... A couple more days like this, and then Laura 'falls' through an ancient mirror in the local museum. When she awakes, she finds herself in a hidden and ancient world of the mythlogical creature, the Dragon. She learns to befriend and love them, as if they were family, but when something threatens their happiness, she swears on her life that she would help... But that something also happens to be her only way of leaving and returning to her home with Humans... Will she choose her own kind and leave the friends and bizzare love she has found in the Dragon's Realm?

The Line of Reality and Fantasy: With the help of his Grandfather's pocket watch, Jake Simonns can visit a world completely opposite of Earth: The Alternate. Him and his best friend, Mortale, an angel, happily waste their days here, undisturbed... Until they continue to run into strange girls, four in number, and all of whom are being hunted by an unheard of Organization known only as, 'Curse.' Curse threatens their happy days and the Alternate world. So Jake and Mortale take it upon themselves to help the girls and fight off Curse and its terrible members...

Kyoki's Protection: Nikki is brand new Highschool graduate, but feels that there is nothing left in life for her. But that nothing turns into a big something when she suddenly finds herself in the world of secrecy, death, life, weapons, and agents. Once in this world, though, she cannot get out and is forced to protect something 'of the greatest importance': A Japanese girl named Kyoki. Well that's all fine and dandy, except Nikki knows nothing. She doesn't know why Kyoki is so important, who is after her, where they are going, or even who Kyoki really is. And neither does she know how she's quickly becoming a highly skilled combatant, how she has perfect aim with a gun, or how she can suddenly kill a person as if it were nothing. But all these questions aside, Nikki finds herself devoted deeply to Kyoki and her mission and also finds that she will do anything for this girl, as one of Kyoki's new bodyguards and also as her friend.

Short Story Collections From My Blue Folder: In my real, uneventful life, I own a blue pocket folder and inside that folder, I have my short stories about some characters of mine. Some follow the same two, others are different, others are... yeah... well, anyway, In hopes of preserving them in ink and on the internet, I shall bore you all with them... MWUAHA!!! FEAR MEH!

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