The Fallen Savior
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Name: Jaehoon Jung

Homeland: Halfway between the gutter and the stars

Age: Now 24, started this account when I was kriffin' 14 years old! How time flies.

Profile: Well, it's been a long strange journey throughout the last 10 years. Coming to terms with my failures and my dark side. They always tell you never to give in to the darkness, never to let go of the light. But when you do you understand just how dark the rabbit hole is. And how far down it goes. Why would I want to be the hero? When the villain is the one with the power. Every story, every hero and conflict. Nobody denies the existence of that totalitarian and most dreadfully powerful empire. Yes, the last few seconds of that evil ruler's life must suck, but he did get to live like a god for most of it. I am not the hero. I am the darkness, the evil that lingers just under your bed. That terrible creature that fills you with dread. I am so much more now that I've let go of that light. That false hope in an unending void of terror and sadness. I am unafraid. I have felt more real pain than any supernatural creature could ever bring me. Bring them on and I will open my mind to them and the monsters of your dreams will run screaming. I'm rambling again. I know that. But truth in truth, I've given into the dark side of the farce. And I like it here. It's so much more fun to bully the bullies that bullied me. And revel in their pain. A balance if you will.

Notes: Time. Time is endless, a repeat of a series of events forever unfolding. Time is... Time is always running out. Running out for those who need it and extending the misery of those who do not deserve it. Many of my life's greatest sorrows and pains come from a dear lost one; someone who was very dear to me, whose memory is forever engraved upon my mind. A single event wiping out hundreds of possible futures in one second. A split second between this future and one where happiness prevailed. Yet I wander alone and cold with only the fact that I failed. I was silly and childish when I shouldn't have been and that... Cost me dearly. A survivor of things far worse than any kind of break up or split. Walking through life always loving the one who is.. gone. Every event. Every anniversary and birthday still giving gifts despite the fact that I will never feel her love again. Still giving because I still care. When, I know exactly where she is but cannot bring myself to see her; the pain her sight brings is far greater than that... split. A fracture in time and space. When I wish so hard that you could love me again. Wish that I could see your shining smile. Wish that i could hear your voice. Wish that I could hold you lovingly. Wish that you were here by my side. Wish that you could guide me. Wish that you could tell me what I did was wrong. Wish that you could forgive me. But most of all, I wish you had survived... My Dear... Forever lost. It's just me now, a fading memory waiting for the light to finally flicker out.

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