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Announcements 1/6/05
Terrible news.

Just recently, my old computer just completely broke down. At that point, I had still not finished moving files from that computer to my new computer. Why am I telling you this? You guessed it. "Reluctant Deity," along with much of my other original work, was lost with that computer. So of course, I obviously won't be updating for a long a while, but that doesn't mean I won't update ever. I still want to continue it. I'm hoping there's a way to recover my lost files, but until then, nothing for now. I'm very depressed about this, but I'll hope for a solution. Thank you to everyone who actually enjoyed RD.

Name: Clara. Dawn is the closet name that sounds like my chinese nickname, by the way.
Age: X
Ethnicity: Chinese-American
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Watching TV, Manipulating the Computer...all that cool stuff.
Favorite Music: Don't really have favorites, I like everything except the shi- *cough* I mean bad and fake pop stuff they call music. Currently, I mostly listen to anime OSTs and classical music with some hard rock. Actually I've nearly given up American music, with exceptions.
Favorite authors: TERRY PRATCHETT, Diana Wynne Jones, JRR Tolkein, Tamora Pierce, Anne Rice

I also have an unhealthy obession with japanese anime and manga. I would list my favorites but there are too many.
Um, I think that's all?

Oh well. Hi everybody, a little more about myself. I love to write fantasy and I plan on being a novelist someday. A screenwriter is defintely a possibility too. One day I will be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted/Original Screenplay and WIN!! I will go up there and promptly faint. After several attempts to wake me up, the music will start again in which I will leap up shouting "I'M AWAKE SO LET ME THANK PEOPLE!!" Guards will then come out and try to throw me off the stage, in which I will bump into the next celebrity presenter and cause him or her to faint.

There's my random fantasy.

My stories:
Katt This is my first published on this site. I've actually already finished this story but since it's 14 1/2 pages long I thought I had better upload in smaller portions. I suppose eventually the whole story will be uploaded, but for now, I'm in the process of heavy editting. Be warned, this story has almost no action and is in danger of being considered boring, but (I think) it's not boring because all the action is in Katt's emotions and thoughts and growing up. I guess that's what this story is about, growing up.

Reluctant Deity Ah, this is my baby, my child, my pride, my...yeah you get hte picture. This is going to be a novel that I will publish, this will make me famous. I will write a screenplay based on this novel and the above incident at the Academy Awards shall take place soon after. I have written a huge chunk of this story already, around 80+ pages currently. So as you have guessed, this story means a lot to me, I care for each and every charactor and everything that happens in this story probably takes place for a reason. So I would love it if you read this story and reviewed.

Girl Bomber I don't really have much written for this story but I have envisioned this story already and I have some scenes in my head but not written down. But still, I love this story, so please read, I need inspiration for this story.

Case Closed.

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