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Used to be Seonaid Rae. Well, I still am... O.O I just changed my penname, but I'll still sign as Seonaid Rae! XD

OnYGiRRi consists of five main members and whole lot of branch groups. It is a group/society/terrorist organization(?!) founded by five girls with nothing to do and frequently victimized by ennui. All members are insane and completely deranged. So there is no question why I am a member, much more a main member... X_X

Me, Seonaid Rae, as Ri, the last two letters of OnYGiRRi, the youngest of the five main members. I play the role of the main artist, meaning I do all the art: character designing, writing, main drawing, and all that stuff. Yep. O.o I’m also the only one with regular internet access and a computer all to myself. X3 So I am the representative of OnYGiRRi in the internet world. Xp

Lirpa, as R, the third-to-the-last letter of OnYGiRRi, also second to the youngest of the main members. She has a computer but she isn’t allowed to be on all the time. And she doesn’t write. She plays the role of our “business manager”. She handles our funds and treats us snacks! XD And she makes me draw Mirmo and chibi Ginji a lot. O.O

Aniger, as Gi, the third syllable of OnYGiRRi, the third-to-the-youngest and third-to-the-oldest of the main members. She’s really backward on the knowledge of technology. She’s half as lazy as me too. O.O She plays the role of my assistant artist, helping me with the drawings and sketches and stuff. And she’s usually confused and disoriented. i.i

Ecyaj, as Y, the third letter of OnYGiRRi, the eldest of the main members. She uses a computer on very few occasions. She plays the role of our leader and big sister. She usually has all these stories pouring out of her mind, easing my job a little. X3 I write what she wants me to write, so most of the stories I’m going to post here have plots made by her. She doesn’t write, though. O.o

Anoj, as On, the first two letters of OnYGiRRi, the second eldest of the main members. She’s as clueless about computers as Gi. She plays the role of our secondary leader, who we like to bully a lot. XD Like Y she has a lot of things that contribute in easing my job, but in her case, she comes up with ideas. She doesn’t write either, but she has a creative (even though a bit cliché) mind on original mangas/stories.

OnYGiRRi’s original manga projects, Field Trip and (working title: Densetsu), are still being worked on. I can only post them both here when they’re complete.

sigh Whoopee...40 more chapters to go...

Ri = Dying

T-T Poor me...

Of course, you all can read what I have in here... o.o Please be kind to me! hides self

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