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I'm BACK, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In a few days, at least ^_^)

Time for a new profile, new quotables, and basically, the start of a new least as far as this site is concerned anyways...As far as *I* am concerned, you, sir or ma'am, are reading the profile of one Takeo Anrico Smith. I'm 17 and I go to the Alabama School of Math and Science (shame I have to go 300 miles from home to get a decent education). I'm a senior, a National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, and one of the few who WILL be attending the great University of Florida next year (Go my Gators with that good good Coach Meyer...Ron who again?) Anyways, I figured I'd read through some of the essays on this site (to get all familiar and sentimental and such, you know ^_^), and I realized something: there aren't that many good debators on this site anymore. When I was writing (consistently, that is), there was Calvin, Steve, Admiral, RCS, me, and Serasivad (Hey baby ^_^)...There's no one backing up the left anymore, though...least not anybody good. Now don't get me wrong (cause I know I'm coming off as arrogant); I don't plan to come back and pick up where I left off; I know that I have to get sharp again as far as debating issues and all, but I'll get that back in (hopefully short) time. And when I do...I'm gunnin back for my spot, children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I was to rate myself on writing a good essay the way I used to, I'd rate myself a 5...but that 5 will turn into a 10 REAL quick...

Now that I've finished with the pleasantries, quotables galore:

"Yo, my drug cliental was bringing me money well
Smoking Buddha L's and weed so good
They leave a funny smell
Niggaz scoping me, hoping police is close to me
Mega regulatin'
The way shit's supposed to be
Gold chain choking me, cocaine provoking me
To live my destiny (ha)
Jacuzzi water soaking me
Floating in smoky Durango
Doing my thing yo, my mac milli
Sweeter than a mango
Son, you know the drilly..." --Cormega, "Killaz Theme"

"Yo yo yo
When it comes to the darts, I throw em
Flamethrower, blow your section-eight home to your payphone up
Grass smoker, in the cut for the lawnmower
I water, I ride the wale that ate Jonah
Over, your faced wit the black cape over
You woke up four gorillas wit a makeover
Packin a punch, asthma pump takeover
My crew boards, and the whole plane lays over
(YO YO!) You can't talk wit the tape over
Pass the pussy, get out, date's over
Back to your gray Nova that's way slower
Redline to five on the highway shoulder
Enemies say "Doc the one to play closer"
This baboon loose off the chain choker
Hardcore, ?jacore? I hate poker
But y'all spread when my bullet's daytona" --Redman, "Run 4 Cover"

"Yo, everybody's a snake
That's why I try to keep the grass cut
So I can see 'em when they coming
Then I heat they ass up
Cuz' them niggas that you went to school with
Will catch you while you in your new whip
And turn your brains into Cool Whip
Niggas that you running round getting ass with
Ain't gon' help you do nothing but carry your casket
Got the nerve to ask Kiss why I smoke so much
And how I'm such a young nigga that seem to know so much
While you was running round pumping for niggas
I was listening
And you still pumping for niggas
I'm coming through visiting
You heard, L-O-X came through in a yellow Lex
And hop out with the Air Force One's with yellow checks
And you liable to see me Dolo, icing the Rolo
Burner under the Polo, alot of y'all is homos..." --Jadakiss, "F*ck You"

"Busta Rhymes is like Hacksaw Jim Dugan
Been thuggin, lovin the way we flood jewels for nothin
Lay it over, another ambush we take over
Yo we don't only get money, we cut the coke and cook the shake over
You better guard your head right, especially if it's late at night
Or find your picture of your autoposy up on the web site
Yo if you ever violate my space
Fuck a fat lip, I'll leave you wit a fuckin fat face
Nigga, Busta Rhymes the handsome, I'll hold you for ransom ansom
Like the ghost in a haunted house, I'll forever live in a mansion
Bitches, snitches comin out and you know who's showin it
Like when British civil servants pass secrets to the Soviets
Y'all niggas is seemless blends of seemless friends
Live on about ? ? on a bunch of seamless ends
Collosal, me and my nigga Pharoahe Moncho
The head honcho, gettin this money like Leonardo (do do do)
Enough substance in the roughness
Now watch it come around in an amazing large abundance
Now let me clear the smoke screen you blow fiend
Live nigga shit that'll rebuild your whole self-esteem..." --Busta Rhymes, "Simon Says Remix"

And what would a quotables section be without the one and only...

"These fucks
To lazy to make up shit
They crazy
They don't...paint pictures
They just trace me
You know what
Soon they forget who they plucked
They whole style from
And try to reverse the outcome
I'm like...CLUCK
I'm not a biter
I'm a writter
For myself and others
I say a B.I.G. verse i'm only biggin up my brother
Biggin up my borough
I'm big enough to do it
I'm that therough
Plus i know my own flow is foolish
So the rings and things you sing about
Bring em out
It's hard to yell when the bar-rel's in your mouth
I'm in...New sneakers
Deuce seaters
A few Diva's
What more can i tell you
Let me spell it for you
W-I-Double L-I-E..." --Jay-Z, "What More Can I Say"

Anyways, if you wanna drop me a line, you can email me or talk to me on AIM; my screename's kidcrusha05

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