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Name: David "The Ripper" The Hell I'm gonna' give my last name. (O.K. I admit no one calls me the ripper, no one as ever called me the ripper but damn,is it cool or what?)
Age: 14 hoorah thats two years till I can get a car and kill people ^_^ ascii face...thats a new low for The Ripper.
Sex: YES PLEASE ahahahahahaha *wipes tear from his eye* I should write that one down.Oh yeah, I'm a guy.
Hair: Almost shoulder length, growing it out,yo! and brown.
Eyes: More poop for the pile, brown
Height:Uhh I think I'm 5'6...or 3 or 5 or 7 I'm not too sure though. I don't really care any way
Weight: 109 lbs
Pet Peeve: Airhead preps saying" LIKE OH MAH GAWD DAVID HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO GROW YOUR HAIR?" and when I'm eating things I tend to get my bangs in it so it tastes like hair icecream and it pisses me off, this one time at school I baught a malt and I accidnently ate my hair, so I totally fuckin' flipped out and shanked everyone with the wooden spoon that came with the malt.
Most Asked Question: Hey "The Ripper," why are you so damned cool? I dunno maybe it's my super coooool pinki? *wiggles it*
Interests: Guitar, music ,writing ,anime, video games, d&d...yes alas I am a d&d nerd, though I am proud to say I have not spent a cent on it.
Favorite Animes and mangas: Evangelion, Love Hina, Dragonball(manga) Excel Saga, Nadesico, Trigun, there are others I know there are I just can't think of them.
Favorite Band: BLIND GUARDIAN they fuckin rip! check them out seriously, anything off of "Imaginations From the Other Side" should get your attention
Bra Size: With lack of boobs I wouldn't know...don't look at me like that...I never checked EVER...ever...heh..ha
WH3333 I is done WH3333 with the bio thing...READ MY STORY AND GIVE IT GOOD REVIEWS
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