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Name: Tiina Berg
Nick: Tiani Lunaris
Date of birth: 072382
Place of birth: A tiny place in Sweden
Place of habitation: Bergen, Norway (Sandnes, Norway during the holidays)
Speaks: Norwegian, Swedish, Finish, English, French(not much to brag about)
Mother tongue: Finish
Prefered language: English
Loves: Good music (Goth, metal, classical, and genetally sad-ish music), Good books, food, drinks, good company, fantasy, horror-,fantasy-,cartoon-,anime-, romantic movies, manga, animals, nature, magic, the seasons of the year and so much more...

Hates: Hates loud noises, noisy neighbours, Busty-Blond-Bimbo-Bitches, bad music, drab/nasty food, war, the fact that the world isn't as cool as I would hope it to be some times. Being poor.

What I'm doing right now?: Munching on mandarines, listening to , writing this...

Ideas comes from... where?: My ideas for various fictions usually comes from listening to music, but preferably while not having a decent nights sleep, high on coffee and sugar, reading too much, observing people, sitting on a bus, walking down the street, just lying on my back and letting the imagination run loose. Which it tends to do anyway, so there's nothing new at that point.

Spare time activity: writing fictions, drawing, reading, listening to music, cooking, cleaning(when I can't see more than one fourth of my floor, or when I can't get to my bed without having to jump one meter), sitting on a pub, sitting on the library, or just plain being asleep...

And life consists of...?: Not much. Realy. Don't think too much of it, and it doesn't think too much of me... Trying to make a living without wanting to kill everyone around me. My friends and family, and my pride and joy, my little baby; my dog, Jeri... not wanting to kill them, of course. Just loving them to death is enough. ;)

Anything you wish to add?:
To understand my mind is not an easy thing. I obsess over things that don't exist, and I am somewhere inbetween this world and the one of the imagination. During spring, summer, and fall I am like an elf or a fairy amongst the trees. I'm a free soul who love life, and feels saddened over things passed unnoticed. I live to love, and I love every minute of life.

My motto so far:
Life's a bitch and then you die,
now you've said it, and it won't help to cry.
Live your life all to the best,
do as you wish and pray you won't regret the rest...

Updates and what's happening on the story front:

Fallen Angel:
I haven't been working on this on for I don't know how long, and it will probably be rewritten at some point or another. I can't just stand the way it has turned out so far.

Other stories:
I'm in the process of writing a series of vampire novells. Some will be shortstories, others will be multichaptered ones.

The long novell will be called "The Bond Blood Makes" and will be about a young woman who's grown up with a vampire, and raised like a normal human being. She isn't aware of her adoptive fathers condition, or that her mother left her to his care as an infant. It will be a story of vengence, love and mystics.

More updates will come as updates are needed.

Tiani Lunaris

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