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18 years old
Freshman at DeVry Universtiy

into football,swimming,anime,music(punk all the way...actually more emo), comics, Adult Swim, FF7 and writing fantasy stories and to Kalcon
BLACON ROCKS!!!!! And also check out Kelsick the Lone Wolf
read the poem "What if Jesus Was?" by whiteai it is very good. Oh and if anybody wants to feel generous and do drawing for my story "Inflareus's Revenge" just give me a holler.

"Fight with honor like the minotaurs, but pray like the clerics you don't get your ass kicked."
-Molotov Balendroe'


Movie: Lord of the Rings Series
Song: Bloody Romance by Senses Fail
Book: Night of Blood by Richard Knaack and 1984 by George Orwell
Game: FF7
Anime: Trigun
Cartoon: Family Guy
Color: Black

Favorite Authors
Cricket- Her poetry is excellent I know no other who delivers poems about todays problems in such a powerful way.

Heart of the Sword- HE IS GREAT!!! An awesome christian writer who is straightforward and doesn't care what he thinks. I would strongly recommend his stories.

Kalcon- A great dragonlance style of writing that you can tell took time to perfect.

Kelsick the Lone Wolf- I am pretty sure if you know anything about fictionpress you have heard his name.

Laerian- A good friend of mine who suprised me with the way he writes. Reminds me of R.A. Salvatore

mkemp17-another friend of mine who is really good

Quintin Smith- unique first person writing style that few can master

salocin deslunes-he wrote a metal gear solid 2 parody that is shear genius

ssj4goku177- His writing style is SMOOOOTHHH. He has good ideas that would make great movies. And his historical works are unmatchable.

Anime Queen-Brilliance and suspense

shiny epic helmet- He has the funniest parody on all of fictionpress with Rostislav and the magic bling


"To err is human, to forgive is divine"- (pope alexander)
"LOVE AND PEACE!!"-(Vash the Stampede)
"No one should leave earth without the taste of good sake in there mouth"-(cool guy of samurai x)
"Fight the Power"-(People at Black Supremecy meetings)
"All the worlds astage the men and women, merely players"-(William Shakespeare's Seven ages of Man)
"The crows seem to be calling my name" thought Caw-(Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy)
"Wouldn't it be funny if 50 Cent and Eminem both died and all the smob kids got really depressed and turned into emo kids?"-
(Kaitis on Smob)
"Life is like a minefeild, blink, and you'll be blown away"-Essai


And to all my fans thanks for the support my story "A Cold Day in December" won 3rd place in a writing contest.

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its just a poem i wrote about my life if you want to know more mail me
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Heroes of the Earth and Stars reviews
This is a story of Kelcin who is addicted to a new computer game and so are a good few of his friends. When he finds out a tournament is being held he cant wait to join. He soon finds that this tournament isn't exactly all its built up to be.
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chp13inThis story is about a mercanary named Molotov Balendroe`. He is on a quest to slay the half-dragon Inflareus, but in doing so he gets into more then he can handle. So please R&R the hell out of it..please. chp10revised
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Anarchy Runes Part 1: Den Anfang reviews
This is a sci-fi story from the eyes of Sivart, an neutral hero who is trying to bring the world out of Anrachy...Please R&R it is my first attempt at Sci-Fi. IT has guns,swords,romance,magic,even some baseball.
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I thought I was a good christian and was always doing the right thing, but I guess I overlooked a few people...
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