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"Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest."—Beatrix Potter

Just in case someone actually wants to read about my boring, mundane self…

My name is Meredyth-Eryn Flynn, but most people are too lazy to call me by my proper name--Meredyth-Eryn, so I've been dubbed Meryn. I'm a college student. I’ve studied music, theatre, art, film, Shakespeare, English, French, German, History and Irish Studies. I'm a straight, but certainly not narrow, "fag-hag." I am extremely out-spoken & opinionated. I pretty much don't give a rat's arse about what others think about me. I live in Rhode Island, which is...neither a road...nor an island. I’ve spent my time traveling between Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida & Colorado. I enjoy watching strange and obscure independent films and theatrical productions, going to the theatre in general, listening to obscure & underground music, listening to music in general, reading banned and underground literature, reading underground comics & graphic novels, just reading in general, watching strange foreign films, anime and horror films, just watching films in general, singing along to musicals & Disney films, poking fun of liberals, poking fun of conservatives, Bush bashing (just 'cuz it's FUN, even though 'ol "Dub-yah" isn't the U.S. President anymore), skulking in the shadows, wearing masks, being quirky and whimsical, and randomly conversing with the Dread Bird of Ill Omen at Waterfire. Much of my time is wasted on my collective bitterness towards others, learning to forgive, pondering my own meaningless existence and finding purpose in my life. I know, I know—I’m like a walking contradiction, haha. Right now--I'm trapped between stupid & pompous politicians, rednecks, self-righteous & uppity snobs, "fake" people, people who think that they know the answers to all of life’s persistent little questions and hypocrites; but, that too will all change, as I look for ways for my body and mind to travel, and contemplate my tolerance and balance of my Christian faith, and my Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English, Polish, French, Swedish, German, Viking, Mongol, Hun, American Indian, Celtic, Pagan heritage.


Theatre, Acting, Film, Animation, Directing, Stage Managing, Music, Singing, Broadway, Puppetry, Performing, Gaming, Anime, Comics, Poetry, Reading, Writing, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Art, Costuming, Comedy, Improvisation, Commedia Dell’Arte, Renaissance Faires, Revolutionary War Re-Enactments, Civil War Re-Enactments, Boston Celtics Basketball, Providence College Friars Basketball, University of Notre Dame Football, Curling, Fencing, Rugby, Soccer, Hockey, Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Fencing, Wheelchair Curling, Heraldry & Jousting, Archery, Falconry, Dog Obedience, Flyball & Agility, Sailing, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Dogsledding, animals, Folklore & Mythology, Languages, History, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Horticulture--flowers, plants, gardening, floral arrangements--that kind of stuff, Horror/Gothic shit, the ocean, the beach, Historical cemeteries and graveyards, old Historical buildings and homes, old antique shit, Paranormal shit, Haunted shit, Fantasy shit, Medieval shit, Crusader shit, Colonial shit, Pirate shit, Supernatural shit, Faerie shit, Selkie shit, Gryffin shit, Gargoyle shit, Mermaid shit, Dragon shit, Unicorn shit, dolphin shit, wolf shit, horse shit (none of these shits are literal, just so you know ;-)), Hippie shit, Nature shit, Celtic shit, Viking shit, Irish shit, Scottish shit, Egyptian shit, Greek & Roman shit, Asian shit, Native American/American Indian shit, volunteering for shit—Oh, and did I mention that I swear a lot? LOL

Pet Peeves (or things that just royally PISS me off):

Characters that are "out of character," poorly written Mary Sues, poor spelling & grammar (use spellchecker, proof-read your work, and/or get a Beta reader), modern slang used in period stories, stories that constantly switch between tenses, authors who blatantly don’t do their research

I do not believe in flaming or sporking. My goal is to help others become better writers, as I would hope that others would help me to improve as well. In my reviews, I try to give praise when it is necessary and constructive criticism when it is due. I do have a tendency to be blunt and brutally honest. If I don’t like something, I will tell you why. To those irritating whiners out there who send me hate messages back after I may have left a review that you deemed unsatisfactory, you are wasting your time. I hardly ever read them, unless I need a good laugh.

Right now, I just have a few short stories and poems posted. I am currently working on several longer stories; however, I do NOT want to post any of those until they are finished. I get so bummed out when I get entirely engrossed and sucked into a story, only to find out that the author doesn’t update it; therefore, I will not be posting any of my longer stories until I finish one. I tend to be lazy and I also get busy with this hectic thing called life, LOL.

Constructive Criticism is always welcome. Reviews make my day and they honestly give me the inspiration to keep going!

Current Postings: The Nightmare, Paranoia, Those Hands, Better Than This, The Gift of a Curse, Curiouser and Curiouser, Tell Me A Story and Of Fantasy And Reality. (See summaries below.)

Coming Soon:

The Disappointment Room

Life is full of regrets…and disappointments. But hidden deep within the shadows of the past is a key to unlocking the greatest disappointment of all—seeking the truth, freeing the demons within and uncovering that most wondrous of all miracles…love.

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“What story?” her little sister asked. “It’s the story about a wicked, ungrateful sealmaiden who refused to believe.”
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We’ve always been movin’, at least, that’s what Granmam always said. It’s because we come from generations and generations of Tinkers—Irish Gypsies—forced to roam with the open road as our only home…or the sea.
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