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Hello! I am SakuraBubbles the Child of muffins!! I just love muffins ever so much! Hee...I'm a 15 year old spaz/girl that lives in one of the richest and evillest states in the US, Connecticut. Also, CT sucks. JRock is awesome, especially Ayumi Hamasaki and Gackt! WOOT! Linkin Park kix jelly as well, so nyah nyah to any who think otherwise!!! Hee hee hee!! :dances:
I love animes yet I love too many to fit here! Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Card Captor Sakura, and Zoids are my faves. I LOVE Role Playing games, and Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy VII are my favorites...Basically anything Squaresoft...except for FF8 and Vagrant Story. I also like good old Breath of Fire IV!! and Harvest Moon!! WHEEE!
I loooove to write and soon I hope to get a book or two or five published. CLAP FOR ME!! :no one claps: Awww...Fine. I love writing fanfics and my best so far is my Zoids fic, so if yer a Zoidaholic, READ IT! My funniest are my Threads of Fate fics. Well I must go, the muffins must be eaten.
Boooooooooooooogiepop! Hurry up and update yer good old Two in a Million fic! That's an oldie but goodie!!
Amandaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Get off ! Nah, just kidding! You DEVIL!!! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH!!! Narr! And I will always kick yer ass in Bloody Roar 3 with Uriko and Xion! MUAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! FOOL!
Well...on the other hand, you have different fingers
This is the spaz Muffin signing out...:bows and runs away: