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Hello there! :33 Let me introduce myself. My 'real' name is Angel, but please, if you would like, you can call me by my online alias Unmei. Ummy, Unmei, Angel, whatever you prefer.

Alright then, I guess I should give you a little profile of me?

xName: Angel, Ummy, Unmei
xAge: Just turned Fourteen
xBirthday: June 3rd, 1990
xLocation: USA/ The world
xGender: Er, I hope you know I female. XD;
xFavorite Color: Lime Green :3
xInterests: Anime, Manga, Writing, Drawing, Singing, Rollercoasters, Jack Russell Terriers, Hugs, Little cute collectable thingies, Reading Fantasy/Romance stories, Stars/The Moon, Writing/Receiving Snail Mail.
xLikes: Salty stuff, Animals, Peaceful, quiet environments, Prisma Color Markers, AIM, Roleplaying.
xDislikes:Hypocrites, Deceiving people, cheaters, Racist people, animal/people abusers, Fire
xFears: Guns, Knives, Death, Drowning, Tornadoes, Bees


Koushiro: 'Ello! Many of you may know me from Unmei's original story, Nirvana! I'm here to tell you about the stats of Unmei's current stories and her future ones, since Numi (From The Full Moon's Curse) is a wuss and can't do it himself! *Smirks and glances at Numi*

Numi: *Growls* I never wanted to do it in the first place! Leave me out of it!

Koushiro: Alright, Alright...*Mumbles* You sissy. Alright, here we go!!

Numi: I'M NOT A SISSY!!! *Flails*

Koushiro: *Grins in amusement* Let's see...

Nirvana : Unmei is currently writing the fifth chapter to the story!! (Good thing. :3 Because, you know, I'm in it.)

The Full Moon's Curse : Unmei is starting on the fifth chapter! But I mean, since Numi is such a sissy boy, she's going to write the fifth chapter of Nirvana first! :D( Numi: I HATE you, KOU.)

September : Unmei has stopped writing for the story September! Aww...

Between Life and Death : Unmei is writing the first chapter of this nothing but angst story! :D

Koushiro: And so, this concludes my update for Unmei's stories! ^^ Have a nice day, and remember, I'm SEXY.

Numi: *Mumbles* You wish.

Koushiro: Tell it to my face, SISSY BOY.

Numi: DROP IT.

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