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Note (10/0/04): I have not updated my story in over a year, and hope to someday get around to it. Unfortunately, I am now busier than ever as a college student at Brigham Young University. I just can't get the heart to totally remove Mirld from the website, so it stays for a little while longer!- Tori

Name: Tori, comes from Victoria, but don't call me Vicky
Age: 18
Appearance: Short(5'1"), shoulder-length medium-brown hair with red highlights, brown eyes, straight teeth on account of three years of braces that were just taken off! (Just a little happy you can see)
Family: Lots. Four older bros and two sisters, four nephews, three nieces, not to mention my mom, dad, and extended family
Religion: LDS, and proud of it. (Translation: Mormon)
Hobbies: I'm especially good at reading, ask my parents. However, I do play violin, sing, play some piano, and love anything musical. I like school, which you might find crazy. Actually, I'm good with academic stuff and love to learn. I have recently taken up writing. I have always loved it, but I have not written fiction since middle school.
Fav. books: I like fantasy. My especial favorites are:
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
Redwall series by Brian Jacques
Chronicles of Chrestomanci by Diana Wynne Jones
Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
and other books and series that I'm too tired to try to remember

As you can see by by e-mail, my name is Tori, and yes, I play the violin. The number 7 is just a fun thing to add and easy to remember because I am the youngest of seven kids-fun, huh? Well, I like it. Weirdly enough, I also have seven nephews and nieces. . . However, I'm sure that will change.
I got onto this website by going to first, then seeing the url for this sight. I used tohave this personal thing against fanfiction that is related to my personal thing against Japanese anime (don't hate me!) that is related to my abundance of friends who love anime. Coincidentally, now I am mildly addicted to fanfiction. Anyway, I got hooked on some of the stories on this site, and eventually, the story that has been bouncing around my head for the last two years (really!) finally had to be written. I've always liked reading more than writing, but as I've run into a dearth of clean, decent books these days, I've turned to writing something other than essays for my AP English class. If anyone ever considers taking that class, do the right thing and take it. If you're teacher is anything decent, your writing and your analytical skills will improve by leaps and bounds.
So if you haven't already, read my story! I update it as quickly as I can type it, so during the summer at least, that will occur fairly often. However, if I don't get any reviews, I might take the whole thing off this site and mope. Save me some fits of depression and review for me! I'll do you the favor back of reviewing your stories.
Well, this bio is a bit random, as it is 10:45 and I should be in bed. Maybe I'll write another chapter of my story!

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