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Hi, my name is Valantri. I don't have much up here yet but that's because I haven't had much time to write anything lately. My school has a required reading list for all Honors English students.

Anyway, enough of why I haven't written much. You're probably wondering why my story is called 'The World Within a Book.' That is a very good question on your part. You see, a while ago I had a dream that I was taken into the world of a book. There were so many things that happened all at once, it was like another world. It had problems just like the real world. Anyway, as the dream progressed I developed these powers so I was able to help the people and creatures that lived in the world. Well, you get the point now. The story started with a dream.

I found I write best when I'm bored or my muses are in overdrive at the moment. Would you like to meet my muses? =^-^= They sure would like to meet you.

Age?: 16.
Gender?: Female.
Form?: Pink Fairy. Has brown hair and amber eyes. She wears a white gown with pink cherry blossoms on it and a cherry blossom in her hair.
Advice?: Costume designs.
Habits?: Hanging over my head while making my clothes change at the sub-atomic level.

Age?: 16.
Gender?: Male.
Form?: Human. Brown hair and green eyes. He wears a baggy white shirt and baggy black pants. =^-^=
Advice?: Fighting scenes.
Habits?: He's the silent type... until you get to fighting scenes. He likes to *act* them out... it usually ends with something broken. *looks at her broken carosel* But, being the only male muse that I have, I let him off for it. I probably shouldn't, but he's just too darn cute. =^-^=

Age?: 14.
Gender?: Female.
Form?: Small black panther
Advice?: Which elements I should use where.
Habits?: Accidentally using all the elements in my room. *mushroom sigh* *has water marks, burns, and wind torn stuff everywhere* She also put a whole in my door.

Age?: 16.5.
Gender?: Female.
Form?: Human. She wears a pink shirt with blue jeans. She's pretty normal.
Advice?: Love stories. (I use her most often.)
Habits?: Daydreaming about meeting someone special and falling madly in love while we are discussing a love scene. (She's the most annoying too, but you gotta love her.)

A reader and a writer forever,
Valantri =^-^=

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