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A Little Look...

It looks like you've decided to check out some info on the author! Many congratulations to you, for you're one of few. Usually it's just my stories they stalk but maybe you're the exception to the rule. I like exceptions you know, they keep life interesting.

Well it says here on my left 'Bio:'

...does anyone really have a true Bio on themselves? I know I don't. Even on my blogs (of which I have many) I've never managed to properly give myself a Bio.

There are the basic things, such as age, sex, location, but do they really matter to you? What will they tell you about me? Nothing. They may subject me to various stereotypes of which I have many and will never escape. So no, I don't think we'll go there.

How much can you tell about me from reading my writing? What there is, anyway, as I'm just starting up again. Some of you may know me as 'Lexi'...? If you've managed to find me and knew me before I'll warn you the updatage will be much less. I've changed in the past two years and my writing along with it. The snarky humor is not often found now, nor is the silliness sprouted from too much Pepsi and Scarol. Perhaps this change will disappoint you, I cannot know.

I am a patron of the arts. Writing is one of the few things I can say I love and will forever remain loyal to it. There are others who write with me and you will see their names often in dedication, dialogue and my random mention.

Pen D. Fox

Tobias Glass


Heather Layne

Blind Melon


Toxic Typist

Mike Corner

Jake Lynn



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Five young people of different backgrounds are thrown head first into a land of magic and intrigue. Now they must fulfill a destiny set in a time long past to defeat an ancient evil...for they are the last hope of a dying nation.
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The Box reviews
It's normal to be surprised at the odd things that surface when you're cleaning house, but are those things meant to bring you to tears? Letters written between two lovers torn by distance, finding humour, sorrow amidst their words?
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Optical is the daughter of Keshan, in a world where reality is questioned and there are more demensions then just the known four. Closely moral-related to earth, but also very abstract is Tapestry
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