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Its been a while since I updated my profile and it obviously needed it I'm completing my third year of a double undergraduate degree in Physics and Geology. My schooling keeps me incredibly busy from September to April and generally I do my writting when I technically should be doing school work. Writting is my escape from a world of math and rock samples.

During the summer months I work in the field doing geophysical surveying work. This summer I'm going to be working out of a little town in Northern Manitoba about 58 degress north latitude. Its remote and isolated and we will have the slowest dial up connection known to mankind. Thus, my already slow up dates of 'A Long Walk Home' will probably slow down even more. However, I will be taking my computer and working on the forementioned story as well as my active fanfiction pieces posted at I write at under the pen name Elariel Erestorion.


My poems are often quite personal and half the time I feel that I might as well not even post them as they couldn't possibly mean much to anyone. However, I do anyways...don't have a clue as to why. The one poem, however, that I am quite proud of is Remember. This is an honour song to all of those who were burnt at the stake for no reason but the reckless greed and over bearing need for power of the indoctrinated religions. I have always said that this poem is truly my best piece of work, I actually am still astounded that I actually wrote it.



I wrote this fic during class when I got bored. Its the result of an extremely bad habit actually. I know its not particularly well written and as my reviewer pointed out, is quite thick. I have kepted it posted anyways. If you enjoy this story at all you will probably like A Long Walk Home better.

A Long Walk Home:

A Long Walk Home is the lengthier, better, written chronological version of Cranesmuir. Carol in this version narrates the whole story from her arrival at Cranemuir until her brother's wedding through diary entries. This story is a wip at the moment but its moving along quite nicely. You must however lend me pacience. Cranesmuir is over nine thousand words long thus this story is going to be long and take me some time to write.

Just one note, I don't know if this story will ever actually tell us what the project a Cranesmuir is. At the moment I don't even really know.

Letting Go:

I wrote this story when I was in high school. I wasn't in a very happy head space when I wrote it but it is actually a piece of my own writting I rather like. It is rather depressing and not something I would recommend reading if you don't like tragic stories, or if you are easily depressed. I don't want to be responsible for someone elses depression.

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