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Now that i have time to create a bio i will make an awesome one. Well my name is John Ruebeck. I love to write. Some say i am a pretty handsome man. I was described as Usher's twin. I am a professional dancer, i had a short scene in a little movie called "You Got Served" i was a pizza dilivery man. In my free time i like to chill with my buddy Oogachaka. I broke up with her cause she was not my type. she is still a little upset. she wanted the whole pie but i don't think she could handle this. well i don't want there to be hard feelings between me and her. i wrote her a love note describing my love to her in a song by Usher and in a mad furry she called me a pornagrapher. ive only posed nude once!. Well i guess she had a point. I hope we can get back together soon.
E-MAIL(S): jnbeck25438@
HATES: Religion (Witches, Christians, and Satanists), Women, Children, Homeschoolers, and Minorities (Indians)
WITNESS: Lundi's_Child, Stargate
this is a work of a group of America haters. Some like to called them Aquim Jihad. Which translated means Arab Nazis. They are a group of people in texas who moved from Afganistan. They hate African Americans. They tease me cause i listen to usher.
I got to clear somethings up since i am an american i believe in freedom of religion. no matter who it is. oogachka is trying to turn the entertainment indusry against me. Another thing she says is i hate woman. well that is crazy talk. And who would hate children. Being Christian i could not hate children and not be a hippocrite. Jesus Himself loved the children. And u know those crazy homeschoolers. they are always up to no good. what the heck how can u be against home schoolers. there just a bunch of kids who are afraid of social events. And u know those indians. they are up to no good with their casinos. They supply me with fireworks. In fact i voted for Ben Night Horse Campbelle the first native american senator. so take that tomagachi.

Im also a member of the Flying NUNs Posse

As Usher said Peace up! A Town Down!

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