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you want to know about little ol' me? awww, thanks! ^_^ where to start.. well, I'm an 19 year old girl from the country, hehe ^_^, who spends most of her free time writing and reading fics, as well as drawing.
As of now, I'm a basic slash(yaoi) writer, which means it's about two guys/girls liking each other. I do like and write het, of course. But sometimes the characters that would be cute together are the same gender, so slash I shall write! ^_^
My favorite couples are:
Ryo/Rowen - Ronin Warriors
Matt/Davis - Digimon
Draco/Harry; Seamus/Ron; Star/Hermione; James/Remus; Star/Kaleb; Oliver/Harry; and Seamus/Harry - Harry Potter(a lot of couples, eh? ^_^)
Ken/Nagi; Ken/Omi; Yohji/Ken - Weiss Kreuz
Hiead/Zero; Gareas/Ernest - Candidate for Goddess
Sanosuke/Kenshin - Rurouni Kenshin
Legolas/Frodo - Lord of the Rings
Feel free to email me if you wanna chat. I love making new friends! :)