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B-DAY:July 10, 1986

VITAL INFO: I'm a volleyball player usually, but writing's definitely my main passion. I have been doing it since forever but started really getting into it in seventh grade. I'm currently working on a bunch of different stories. They're all very in the works. Anyways. Just a shout out to all my reviewers for all my other stuff, half of which I took off. You guys are so fabulous and kept me writing. I really appreciate it when you take the time to tell me that you liked something or hated it, or just told me to move my ass and update.
I am from Canada but I go to school in New York state, not the city.

NEWS: Recently posted the beginning of a new story, which I will update asap. I would love some feedback. It's a project for my class, which consists mainly of writing a novel. So yeah. Also, finally got uni apps done so maybe we'll hear from them soon, Yay!

MUST READS: Memoirs of a Geisha, Last Chance Saloon, by Marion Keyes, short stories by O. Henry and, Jessica, by someone, and most anything by Bryce Cortenay, especially The Power Of One.

MY MUSIC:Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway CD, Billy Joel - OnlyThe Good Die Young, Rufus Wainright - Complainte de la Butte, Forty Foot Echo - Brand New Day.These are on my current playlist. Get em, love em.

Besides all that mumbo jumbo, I'm planning on taking Creative Writing when I get to University, despite the fact that I feel that most of my stories are childish. I still love writing and will most likely never give it up.

Other likes - Pretty black and whites (photographs), Hepburn, track and field, corny movies, red licorice, Sammy's pizza, gorilla's, German, Japanese, Spanish, mythology, cute underwear, even though no one ever sees it, Grover, tubing, skinny dipping (at night of course), melted cheese, lava lamps, villas, Europe, Mexico (Club Maeva to be exact), silver, fetuccini al fredo, the sun, playing in the rain, Hawaii and finally popcorn.

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