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I'M BACK!!!!!!!

So, as you can see from the top, I'm Back. I've been gone quite a while now and have decided to go back to it once more. I thank those who told me to contine my stories and those who contined theirs for inspiring me. Thanks. On to the real business.

The Truth Behind It All

Who is Kesaru Kunikida:

Kesaru Kunikida emerged in 2003 or so when I was watching Blue Seed on WAM. Kesaru is a name I have always liked and Kunikida was actually the name of one of the guys from the show(spelling may be off). Kesaru is the writer. She's serious at times and fun the next. Kesaru is passionate about her stories, as well as hostile.


Kesaru: 5 feet 8 inches; Blue eyes Long, black hair; African American; Leather halter, black jeans, 3in stilleto boots

One thing we both love to do: WRITE TILL YOU CAN'T WRITE ANYMORE!!


1. Dark Wings (current title)


During the lapse of space and time

When the lights dim and the darkness appears

There will come a great ending.

The world as it is known will all but come to a halt,

And a new beginning will arrive.

Two children of night and day will be born into the world bearing the gifts of demon and god

With eyes the color of glass and hair the color of the sun,

The savior will bear the mark of faith

While the other, the mark of Lucifer

Born with hair the color of night and eyes to match

The chaos will begin upon the eleventh day of the twenty second millennium

Only when the child bearing the mark of good is found,

Will the true victories begin to be won.

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