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Well, I'm 18, live in England (Norfolk to be precise, but honestly not that interesting) and I won't tell you my name, just know me as Suki Arashi..

Music-Tokio, Arashi, V6, Kinki Kids (it is NOT kinky as in the english defenition, but a region in the west of Japan. It's kinda obvious then where they came from), plus Mr.Big (though they've split), Matchbox 20 and Lifehouse, The Calling, Maroon 5... too many!!

Books-I like loads of authers...I don't actually have a favourite, but I read lots of fantasy and sci-fi. And mangas. Definately.

Films-I liked Battle Royale, The Matrix...I watch everyhing. I also like some of the old ones like Back to the Future and Indianna Jones...Terminator, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, erm...well, I want the box sets! I also want to watch the new Japanese films like Seoul, Pika Nchi/Pika Nchi Double and Kisarazu Catseye!! plus all of Miyazaki's works...why haven't I got them?!

Manga-I like this new one called +Anima. Doraemon, dragonball, get backers-I found that one out recently. I like watching anime too, but I can't remember the names. Oh, and there's Yu Gi Oh and this one called Psycometrer Eiji which is really good and I want to see the drama series! The adventures of young Kindaichi is good, plus so are the drama series of it...what else? Oh, there's Remote, Battle Royale, Kimiwa Pet, Gokusen, and all these other ones that people haven't really heard of. And Sailor Moon...though I was kinda shocked to find out that actually, all are lesbians and these men turn into women...why?!

Interests-...drawing. I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil (or a pen...more likely the latter after the amount of times I've seen books that have been drawn on). Writing, kinda obvious and lyrics. I like playing the piano and guitar though I'm not that good at it.

I think that'll do for my profile. I haven't written what I look like...ah, well, doesn't matter that much what I look like, it's more on the stories I write.

Please read and review the stories, I accept and compliments and critisisims, though usually if I read the critisisms I end up swearing at the computer and smashing it to bits... hehe! nah, I'm kidding, but anyway, hope you like reading them, they end up long, be patient if I don't update soon, I'm a slow typist and I usually do a first draft on paper... I find I can concentrate more with a black sheet of paper than a blank screen. So read, review and enjoy!! ^.^

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