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Chapter 2 is officially up! Sorry for the long delay but, for some reason I couldn't upload anything on fictionpress. Nor could Nicki. So, if anyone else was having this problem, I think they fixed it because I can now upload. Anyway, thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy chapter 2!

Hey Everyone!

My name is Emberlye, I really don't have a last name because I am a dragon. I guess I'm a unique dragon because I enjoy writting stories. My owner, and one of my best friends, is Nicki and she is the one who told me about fiction press. Please check her out also at:
Her name is Nickel City

I am in her story Dragon Warz so, you can read about me in there but I just wanted to put up some of my works. It will take me a while to get my self in the position Nickel City is in but, I'll try my hardest.

Also, I want to say I'm sorry if it takes me a while to update my story. Nickel City uses the computer a lot and it does take a while to type. If I'm really in a hurry though, I sit Nickel City down to type it up for me. Otheriwse, I try to peck everything in without spelling something wrong. Anyway, here is some info about me!

Name: Emberlye
Age: 26 (I know, I'm still a kid but I'm mature!)
Gender: Male
Grade: Er, dragons don't go to school. I hang with Nickel City most of the time. ^_^ I'm smart!
Occupation: Working with Nickel City!
Fav. Food: Peanut Butter (prefurably skippy brand)
Fav. Story: Well, there are many.
Fav. Color: Black
Fav. Story of my own: Uh, the one down below.
Fav. Stories of others:
Check out Nickel City and her list of Favorite Authors. All of those authors are great! ^_^ I know because I'm always with her and if you're lucky, I'll be in your review.

Well, that's all the time I got.

Er, I need a motto don't I? Ah ha! It is kinda long but it is a vers from the bible that I really like. Nickel City is working on a webpage about it right now with her friend. No, it's not the one you know about but, hopefully she'll finish it soon. Well, here is my motto!

"Everyone who asks, receives.
Everyone who seeks, finds.
And the door is open, to everyone who knocks..."

--Luke 11:10


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