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Author has written 2 stories for Supernatural.

Name: Tomm (Yes, 2 'm's. It's a typo.)

Age: 25

Location: San Diego, CA

Particulars: Male, 6'3", 225 lbs. Brown hair, Brown eyes. Right handed, Right footed.

FP Name Inspired From: Watching Reservoir Dogs while maintaining a BAC of 0.10 for the entire movie.

Websites: I don't have a homepage or something similar. If you'd like to get a hold of me, feel free to PM me. Update: I can be frequently be found plotting world domination with some out-of-continent friends of mine on Skype. Profile name is "eightdotblack", just mention that you're from FP and not trying to sell me penis-enlargement pills or something. Likewise on MSN, the contact info is kingblingaa@.

Hobbies: Writing, sports (Anything. My favorite sport to watch is curling. Yes, CURLING. And I've been into it since Nagano, '98!), playing sports (rugby, currently) current events, cynicism, and other things not appropriate to mention because some readers may not be 18 (or 21 if local laws are different)

People I Pay Attention And Listen To (and you should too): Lewis Black, Gregg Easterbrook, Keith Olbermann, Penn Jillette, Stephen Colbert, Kasey Keller, Eric Wynalda, Jake Peavy, Ed Schultz, Ralphie May, Gabriel Iglesias (Yeah, no women. I know. But don't worry. Here's a picture of a sleeping kitten. http:///6cevlf) Also willing to listen to anyone who's good...

Favorite Drink: Three Wise Men (to get blitzed), Arrogant Bastard Ale (Domestic beer), Guinness (Imported beer), Tap Water (Non-alcoholic. All bottled water is tap water anyway.)

Thing I'd Like To Teach Everyone: Nearly every argument can be solved by one party simply deciding to swallow their pride. Unfortunately, the one party who doesn't swallow their pride is going to be an asshole about it. Sorry.

Current Story: A Village of the Lost ('Lost' for short)

Lost is a sad story. It doesn't start well, and as one of the early characters says, "it will get worse."

But, some things are worth working toward, and because of that, they're not worth giving up. Everyone has something like this in their life, and it's their biggest challenge to see this through to the end, such as raising a child. This is a story about not giving up, despite all the things that make you want to. And, there will be no shortage of problems.

I make it out to sound very sad, and in a sense, it is. But, one of the things that keeps anyone who is going through a torturous experience is hope. It doesn't exactly "spring eternal", it needs to be found, cared for, nurtured, and fiercely defended. And if it grows strong enough, only then can it keep you warm in the cold.

It is a character-driven story, where the plot is what its characters create. Whereas 'Hell' is about tough choices, 'Lost' is about finding fulfillment. Nearly all the characters in 'Lost' are flawed in some way. More specifically, they usually know what they're missing, it's just really, really hard to find it. It takes a very strong personality to overcome one's own weaknesses, whether it's a physical handicap, mental problem, or just a simple desire to find or replace what once was lost. Also, what exactly would you do to get there? If there literally was something out there that would solve all of your problems (by either making them go away (money) or giving you the strength to deal with them (love)), what would you do to get it? You know where it is. You can see it. You can feel it. But it's just out of your reach. What are you going to give to get that?

Again, the characters of 'Lost' will have to decide how far they'll go to get that thing they want or need, be they different or one and the same. The reader will feel what they feel and understand their motives, be they noble or tragic.

Also, 'Lost' is my take on the modern monster tropes. Whereas 'Hell' dealt with Demons, 'Lost deals' with vampires and ghosts. (No werewolves. I don't know where to fit them in, and I write too much about everything else anyway. Length is a problem for me.) It'll take a while for you to meet everyone. Be patient. Although, I can promise you that it won't be what you expect.

As it is a parallel story to 'Hell', you'll start to see the two cross over. Readers of 'Hell' will recognize Lost's protagonist right away. But, don't worry if you haven't read it. It can stand alone well enough.


B-32: Although most nautical vessels are named (it's considered bad luck to have a boat or ship without a name), Soviet submarines were not named. They simply go by their service number.

Usury: The "sin" of moneylending, specifically charging interest.

Guide: A spectral being made for the sole purpose of leading and guarding a specific person. Guides are rare, most people do not have them.

Last Story: A Hell Of A Town ('Hell' for short)

Complete. Winner of a Booyah Award (Best fight), La Campanella Award (Le Supernatural Judge's Pick) and featured as the Spotlight for undiscovered. SKoW Best-Non-Romance Nominee.

'Hell' is a story that contains both humans and monsters. But, just because someone is a monster does not mean he or she is not human, and just because someone is human does not mean he or she is not a monster. Should you decide to read it, keep those ideas in mind. The characters involved are scattered about on a sliding scale of morality, and every character will be put to a difficult decision. The interest of the story is seeing how exactly the character in question responds to that situation.

Another key aspect of 'Hell' is that the story is almost entirely character-driven. Very few external events happen outside the characters themselves that force them to change. For the most part, nearly everything that happens is the result of one character's actions, which will be felt by the others. In other words, you and I have seen a lot of stories. Some of them may be different, but there are not that many. The same stories have been told over and over again, and hearing the same one is not that interesting. Instead, what matters is the characters. You'll get to know the characters in 'Hell''s setting of San Diego. You'll start to understand how they think, and what they believe. You might like a few of them, you may hate others. But, you will see their world through their eyes. And, in that, you just might experience something that you will take to heart. If you have learned something from my story, I'd be very honored.

As a quick summary, 'Hell' takes place on two tracks, who will eventually cross. One begins when a distraught doctor commits suicide. As her soul leaves her body, something else moves in. This creature's escape from another world, combined with her entry in this one, will send shockwaves through the city of San Diego.

On the other side, a rather uninteresting young man happens to stumble across a young woman being attacked in an alley one night. He's able to fight the attacker off, and get her to the hospital in time. As events unfold, this woman will prove to be much more than meets the eye. She's the key to the puzzle, but first, everyone has to unlock the mystery to what exactly she is and what that puzzle is, including her.


Hell: The prison for demons only; humans do not go there. It is cold and numbing; similar to solitary confinement.

Vikalu (Lifegiver): An angel responsible for the creation of life, of all kinds, from plants to animals to humans.

Kammaru (Herald): The highest race of angel created, they were the overseers, those who carried the word of the Creator to the other angels to do what needed to be done. Also, a few took specialized roles, such as a historian or a statistician.

Tessavu (Worldshaper): An angel responsible for the creation of the physical environment; including oceans, mountains, storms, and other aspects of nature not relating to life.

Sysammaru (Muse): A specialized angel, focusing primarily on the human soul and psyche. They are the keepers of mysteries, but only the ones locked inside one's head, or heart.

Enigsu (Fatespinner): Similar to a sysammaru, this type of angel is the custodian of secrets of the world and cosmos. When you truly need an answer, they are the ones to turn to.

Nulkaru (Reaper): An angel of death, although the role was simpler than it is now. In the time of Creation, the other angels were not the Creator, they were not perfect. As they made mistakes from time to time, a Reaper would come to collect and carry away other angel's flawed creations.

?? (Nothing): The eternal void, the destructive force that surrounds the universe. Its true Name is not widely known, and used even more rarely.

Name: A Name is an entry into the universe that all creatures have, divine or otherwise. Without one, a being can't exist in this world. In the case of angels, Names serve as a communications system. Saying an angel's Name aloud will cause him or her to hear what you say.

Faith/Faithfire: The divine spark that the universe was created from, humans carry a source of it within them. In order to remain free of Hell, a demon would need to acquire faith somehow from a human.

Demon (Renegade): An angel which has disobeyed the Edicts. Confined to Hell.

Mark: When an angel or demon makes a pact with a human in exchange for faith, a sigil of the angel's Name is inscribed upon the human's soul. Those who can see such things can clearly identify the angel or demon who placed the mark. If the angel or demon has given the human a power or gift, the mark will appear in the appropriate place (mouth for speaking or charisma, hands or legs for athletic ability, etc.)

Edicts: Three laws passed down by the Creator to the angels, regarding humans. 1. Angels were to love humans, 2. Angels were to protect humans, 3. Angels were not to show or reveal themselves to humans.

A City on the Edge of Oblivion ('Oblivion' for short)

'Oblivion' is a sequel to 'Hell' and 'Lost'. The characters who happen to make it through the other two stories will have plenty of feelings and opinions towards one another. Some will hate each other, some will love each other. But now, something from the outside will rise to threaten all of them. An external event finally happens, and we'll have to see how the men and women we've met in the previous few stories will react to this threat, and watch them as they decide to fight it, escape it, or even join it.

At this point though, I may have to put in another pair of "parallel" books before tying it all together with Oblivion. Length is a problem, and if I did all that I needed to do in one book, it would get dangerously long. No decision though, as of today.

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