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Well, here’s my profile! I’m currently writing an “Evangelion clone” type mecha fic called Heaven’s Gift. I’d appreciate it if anyone reading this could take a look at it and post a review. Thanks!

Special Update: I left out comments on many of the reviews that have been made for Heaven’s Gift. Sorry! Here they are now.

Redkun: Don’t worry, all will be revealsed soon! (If, as you said, you manage to get through the next two chapters...which is now the next five chapters, I think ^^;;;)

Pazuzu Tengami: Don’t worry, the editor has been sacked :D I’m proofreading it myself from now on, and plan on being much more careful with spelling etc. Thanks for the two reviews!!!

And to everyone who reviewed, I’ll try and read your stuff when I get more time, maybe when my exams are over (Next week! Yay!)

A new fic idea has been added. I don’t plan on writing it any time soon, but I’m putting it here so I don’t forget about it.

Real name: Ronan Wills

Age: 16

Nationality: American (Been living in ireland for 8 years)

Sex: male

Hobbies: Anime and manga, writing, reading, computers, cycling, tae kwon do and listening to music.

Things I like: Mashed potatoes, forests, chinese food, Mac OS, RPGs, cloudy weather, Autumn and armadillos (Especially armadillos!)

Dislike: Windows OS, Microsoft, spring, George Bush, undercooked food, bigots, Discrimination, right handed scissors and people who act stupid to look cool.

Favourite subjects: Technical graphics and English.

Worst subjects: Maths and Irish

Anything in Bold text is my favourite (or in the case of the movies, favourites) out of that category. I recommend you check these ones out for yourself :)

Favourite books: Anything by Terry Pratchett, The His dark materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, The wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, Roll of Thunder hear my cry, Mattimeo by Brian Jacques and The lion, the witch and the wardrobe by C.S Lewis. (There are about twenty more but I figure this list is already too big.)

Favourite movies: Rabbit Proof Fence, Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies, Veronica Guerin, The Ring, The Matrix.

Favourite Anime: Spirited away (Yes, it does deserve to be in here twice. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean) , Neon Genesis Evangelion, Outlaw Star, Card captor Sakura, Read or Die, Tenchi Muyo, X T.V. , Rahxephon.

Favourite games: Magic: the gathering, Final fantasy 9, Final fantasy 6, The Harvest Moon series, Sim City 3000, Metroid Prime, The legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, The Rockman.EXE (Megaman Battle Network) series, Pokemon Silver and Metal Gear Solid.

Favourite manga: Brigadoon, Ranma 1/2, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Naruto, One piece, Oh! My Goddess, Ghost in the shell 2: Man machine interface.

Well that concludes the list of favourite stuff. Now a bit about my personality...
I’m a very imaginative person who’s always thinking up story lines and plots. I tend to day dream a lot. I can be very quiet and kind of dull, especially in school, and I get embarrassed when talking to people I’ve never met. I’m not one of the “cool” people and pride myself on being a nerd. In fact, I dread ever becoming popular because it means I would have to change to fit into everyone else's idea of what I should be like. What other people think about me doesn’t bother me at all. I have no interest in fashion or current trends. I’ll only do something if I want to do it, not because of peer pressure or because it’s fashionable.
One thing I like about myself is that I have no prejudices against any group of people. I don’t believe in generalising based on the actions of a few people or trying to force other people to be “normal”. One thing that really annoys me is when someone tries to make people change their beliefs or lifestyle . iI think everyone is entitled to their own view, even if you don’t agree with it.

I’m writing the following part in the hopes that it will get people to read Heavens Gift :) If you do read it, please review. You opinions are greatly appreciated.

Current fics:

Heaven’s gift
Description: A mecha fic that “borrows” (i.e. steals) ideas from Gundam Wing, Evangelion and another idea for a fic I made a few years ago (More on that later).
It’s coming along well at the moment. I have seven chapters written at the moment and a rough plot synopsis drawn up in my head.
One thing about this fic that I don’t like is that nothing in it is very original. I thought the idea of having the pilots control the Avatars with their Auras had never been done before. Then a month after writing the first chapter I found out about an old anime called “Aura battler Dunbine” that used this exact same idea :)
This is probably why I’m putting so much mental energy into my other ideas at the moment. I want to make them as original as possible when I get around to writing them.

Coming not so soon:
These fics are literally just ideas. I will write them, but don’t hold your breath.

Genre Fantasy/ Sci-Fi
In a world where cards control people’s destinies, two teenage runaways meet on a train. Kamina is desperatley trying to escape his destiny and Aoi will do anything to find it.
When a mysterious nation begins attacking other countries with hyper advanced airships in the name of “the greater good” Kamina and Aoi are unwillingly drawn into the battle.
Comments: Angelus reflects certain world events going on at the moment (it shouldn’t be too hard to guess who the aggressive nation is supposed to represent.) Apart from that it’s pretty standard stuff, except for the blend of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, which could end up being this storie’s
achilles heel. I’m starting this one towmorrow so excpect the first chapter to be finished soon. No more Heaven’s Gift style ramblings from now on :)

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