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We're baaaack.

And "Lazuli Synecdoche” is all done. Now it's time to start a new project, but I'd like to do something shorter this time, possibly around ten chapters. The question is, what genre and what tone to tackle, fluff, drama, angst, supernatural, fantasy, etc.?

I like anime, manga, fantasy, sci fi, boys love, beach balls, ice cream sundaes, and many other things. I write when bored or feeling devilish, mostly fantasy or anime based. I'm very fond of yaoi and slash, but there's nothing wrong with yuri and femslash and most definitely nothing wrong with hetero pairings. I like to be different at times, cliche at others, but most of all I liek to have fun, and I write because I enojoy it and hopefully others do too.

Innuendo, angst, and humor are the spice of life, and 42 is the magical number. Aside from that, there's nothing much to say. I am typical, and I am me.

Private questions, comments, reminders, and complaints can be sent to my email :points to profile: or instant messaged :points again: Constructive criticism is welcome, flames are not. E-mail I check about once a week. Live journal, however, I check more frequently (usually) so comments there are fine too.


"Rhododendron Woes" - A sometimes angstful and sometimes humorous boy's love tale of the dividing line between friendship and love and trying to survive high school. (PG13, boys love, some lang. & adult situations)

“Lazuli Synecdoche” – Two childhood friends have discovered that friendship properly nurtured can blossom into love, but now they must face a new obstacle, Time. The passage of years brings change, often withering emotions once so strong, but can they adapt, or was their happily ever after no more than a fairytale?
A sequel to "Rhododendron Woes”, prepare for more angst than its more lighthearted predecessor. The story, however, is stand alone, and you need not read RW. (PG13, boys love, some lang. & adult situations)

"Omakes" - These "extras" are shorts spawned by other works that don't fit in the story but often give some insight into the character's pasts or thoughts. Sometimes, they're just pointless tales I had an urge to write. At the moment, they're all based on the removed Boi Interrupted. THESE MAY BE REMOVED since the story they were written for is no longer on fictionpress.


"Boi Interrupted" - REMOVED and will be rewritten one day.

I tried to return the favor, but it became overwhelming as I started to add more to my list. Some have been taken down, some haven’t been updated in ages, and others have been put on hold, so I've lost track of quite a few. _() But if you’d like to poke me and remind me you’re alive or request a review, the best way to reach me is through e-mail or livejournal.
I believe that being a good reviewer makes a better writer. We see our own flaws in those of others and are thus forced to reexamine our on works. Thus, when I review I like to be thorough and unless told not to will comment on grammar and punctuation as well as plot, flow, characters, context, etc. It goes without saying that I’m not a professional, just an avid reader and amateur writer, and so my word is far from law. If you wish no negative comments, I will oblige, otherwise I will address both the good and the bad aspects of a work, but 90 of what I comment on is personal opinion, the remaining 10 is grammar, and 100 is never meant to be a flame.

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