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Well. so much for my profile previously saying i was in high school. now that iv'e graduated, i'll have a little more time to devote towards my writing. right now the computer that contains my writing is at the technology hospital, so expecting amazing things right now won't lead to much.Okay now for somestory stats.

I Am Called the First Element: this one WAS finished. i'm redoing most of this for the quite frequent bad writing spots in this. if you've already read this before, Iv'e totally redone the beginning. AS OF 1-23-04: this is now labled 'complete', however, it is only 'complete' because you can read through it with no blank spots where i still had to finish in the plot, but the above lines are still plausible. please remember, there are six additional titles to this series, so some of the plots in here that do not further THIS story, may further the overall story.

Lady Raven*chapter 5* this is about as far as this will be uploaded for now. the computer that had the copy of this was wiped, leaving a printed version im not currently intent on typing out again.

I am Called the Second Element*chapter 4* for the most part this story has been demolished. the computer it was on was wiped clean bya bumbling fool of a repair man. so all i have left is what i was able to salvage through a rough printed out hard copy, and whatever i uploaded onto fictionpress.
Raziel: since she isn't with Taren very long, it will probly only turn out a few more chapters. (there will be no more of this story. Please see above story stats for details.)

Blade_Light of the Warrior*chapter4 + pro.* umm...^_^! i writing this one slower than a box with flat tires. the characters are hard to develop and so are the scenes. i changed the rating because of chapter 4. i know that it's rather sadistic. this WILL be continued, if for nothing more than that it excersises my imagination and keeps it flexible.

Password Angel:(*NEW*) this is just a shot in the dark story and i really don't know if i will continue it for very long, so far i only have the next chap thought out, as in there is absolutely nothing on paper yet. im thinking seriously about continuing this but until i can learn to juggle college, work, life, and writing, the continuation of this is up in the air.

i'll get some more in here but i have been really concentrating on I am called the First Element. although these stories have alot of nudity and death, it DOES NOT mean that they love it every day of every hour, it is simply a part of their society, as with the De Khiren, nudity isn't encouraged, but is simply a part of their life that they have no problem with, so they might frown at a person simply walking around in the nude, but they won't cover their eyes in horror.

well, just for the curious members of the public, heres some me-facts...

favorite movies
*princess mononoke
*the first ninja turtles movie (^_^ gotta love it)
*monty python and the search for the holy grail

*laurell k. hamilton
*anne rice
*carol berg

*ceres celestial legend
*inu yasha
*marmalade boy

*fluffy things
*my fluffy bunnies of DOOM
*my world(*giggles insanely*)

*SPIDERS @[email protected] (i run away screaming like theres no tomorrow if i see one.)
*high places
*clowns *shivers*

words i like

words i "strongly dislike"
*habitable(can't say it. i comes out hab-bit-bull)
*editing (*crosses fingers* AHHHH!!! EVIL!!!)
*potencial(i honestly don't think i spelled it right but as far as im concerned when someone uses this it means that something could be good, but that you can't make it that way.)

music bands
*Linkin' Park
*Savage Garden (don't any of you even DARE say a word about my wonderful eighties band...*huggles 'em*
*Limp Bisket

...the fluffly bunnies of DOOM are coming to get you...
...*gets and insane look*then the second wave of fat ponies will come for you...
...*definately insane* then the lumpy dogs of lumpyness shall come for thy horrible dogs of unlumpyness...WHAHAHAHAHA!!!...

(i'm sorry...yes i'm always like this...blame my mother ...D hehe...)

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