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March 8, 2014 Update:


So I've got my dream job. Dream apartment. I've gotten settled in, my work schedule is busy for sure but in order stay sane I have to compartmentalize, which means my weekends (if I'm not working) are my weekends and I don't work or thing about work.

For that past few months I have had the urge to write on the weekend in the my down time, I've been ignoring it because its happened before, I get freetime and then I want to write. But usually it wanes and I don't think about writing again for a few months. But that hasn't been the case this time around, I think that because I actually feel now for the first time in ever that my life has settled down for the best. I plan on living here and working here for many years to come which means no big changes on the horizon.

And still this urge to write nags at me. I still write in my head constantly, I always have since before I put it on paper, and I do it every night. In my head I make up stories to put myself to sleep. Sometimes its original, sometimes its canon fanfiction from whatever movie I'd been watching (Hobbit lately). I don't know I just can't shake this feeling that I should be writing.

What does this all mean? Fuck if I know. I have been looking through all my old writing, I have a couple stories I really like that are half finished but I don't know if that's a good place to start again. I don't have any new ideas. I don't have a vision for what I want. I have been browsing through my old stomping grounds, most of my peeps have moved on, away from FP, away from TWA, away from the online writing scene all together maybe? I don't even know.

Part of me wants to start from scratch. Part of me wants to say fuck it, write fanfiction, have fun. Part of me is too worried about losing interested again that I don't even want to try.

All I really know is that I don't feel right ignoring it. How lame would that be? What if I have real potential? What if I don't have any potential but could still have a lot of fun with a great hobby?

Thoughts are welcome via PM. Please don't ask me about my old FP stories, read below for all the info I'm willing to share, comments about old stories will be ignored.

Nov. 2013 Update:

I have been getting some PMs from you all about my stories being published. I wanted to clear the air and let you all know the truth. I sold my copyrights to those stories a few months ago. The person who bought them didn't tell me that they had intended to "publish" them, right now they are just for sale via online download type thing. But of course I knew this was a risk when I sold them.

Seeing my work being sold online is hard but the money that I got allowed me to afford to wait a few months for my dream job and move to the city I'm currently living. With that money I was able to start a life closer to my family with the job I've always wanted. I consider myself lucky, now being 24 with a a job a love, in an an amazing apartment I adore.

I sold Full Court Press, Jaided, and Nondescript for what I consider to be a fair amount for what they were worth. If one of them someday becomes some hit I might feel differently but right now I'm happy with the choice I made. I feel like in order for those stories to be a true success they would have to be completely butchered and re-written which could have happened whether I sold the rights or not.

I always hope that I will return to writing and I have a couple things in the works that I am infinitely more proud of then the three works listed above.

I really appreciate all of the support that this site and the friends that I made from this site have given me. I will still be answering PMs if anyone wishes to get in contact with me.


Some series that I like and recommend:

Night World
Black Dagger Brotherhood (can't wait for the next one!)
The Sword of Truth
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Novels (some of them)
The League Novels

Also I abso-love -The Curios Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime-, it is amazing, YOU should read it.

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