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Author has written 4 stories for Historical, and Supernatural.
I'm a huge writer of fantasy and supernatural stories. All my stories contain some kind of action, and usually envolve a strong set of characters.

Works in Progress:
Tales From Sherwood:
This is a Historical fiction stroy which is really my passion. So far, the only chapters I've been able to perfect have been posted. This story is a retelling of the Robin Hood legends from each character's point of view of what their lives were like before they became outlaws. Then I'll get into the whole story of the struggle against tranny.

A Supernatural fiction story. It centers around a girl named Leona Wickett who is a modern-day witch. She has been having haunting dreams about a handsome boy who lived long ago--while trying to come to terms with her feelings for the 'boy next door'. An ominous warning from Guinevere--Leona's long-ago 'sister' witch from the past--tells her to be wary of her dream boy, but when things get bad in reality she gives in to fantasty and falls into the arms of the enemy. Now it's up to Rick, Leona's clueless childhood friend to become her chosen 'warrior' and rescue her, with a little help of course.

Guardian Angel:
Another Supernatural story. This is about Antonia Sorenson, a millionare heiress with a not-so-perfect life. On her weekly walk in Central Park with her Beagle--China--Toni unwittingly saves the life of a half-demon prince named Riolithe--Rio for short. Now he has to stay with her until he can fulfill the debt and save Toni's life in return. Factor in Rio's conniving cousin--Valin--his vindictive fiancee, her talking dog, growing feelings between the angel and the heiress, and a slew of other mystical/supernatural creatures. Toni's not-so-average life has just become even more strange.

Fics To Come:
Blind Intuition:
This is going to be a fantasy story. This is the story of Carmen Avalon, your average seventeen-year-old dreamer. Her mother is a 'free-spirited city dweller' who goes through jobs as fast as she does men in New York City, and dragging Carmen along for the ride. That is, until her mother lands herself in rehab for her drinking and Carmen is sent to spend the summer with her grandmother--a live-in cook for a rich family in Maine. At first, Carmen sees the sleepy little estate in the middle of nowhere as the end of all things without her flashy friends and even flashier boyfriend. That's when she mets Deacon James, the sheltered son of the manor. He's icy, he's angry, he's closed-off, but the strangest thing of all--he's blind. Everyone tells her to stay away, but Carmen is strangly drawn to the distant boy. She finds a window into his world by telling him the fantastic stories she used to tell herself as a child. A bond slowly grows between the wounded blind boy and the lonely city girl--but happily ever after never comes cheap.

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The people we all know, plus a few new ones, from the Robin Hood legends tell the stories of their own lives before they became outlaws. *work in progress*
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