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hi my name is Chief Big Paw. I pretty much interested in writting fanstasy storied tho none of my stories below are fantasy. i've noticed that sometimes it just seems like i was made to write. i can like listen to music or see images like in a nintedo game or just looking out of a car window and get inspiration. i just make up these things in my head . so luvly.

At the moment there are several stories that i have ideas for tho i havent written them all down yet. In my stories there may be a character named Felicia/Felicity. these two are not the same at all. they are kinda based on me to tell ya da truth. most of my so far stories are just very exaggerated things that happened to me. if ya wanna know excactly wat these r based on e-mail or IM me.
If u want you can check out this web site that me and my friend made. its called Also look for me on yup.

oh yes and the status of my stories.

THE MOUNTAIN LLAMAS: well i dunno. i've kinda lost hope for this one. unless u really really really REALLY want to see another chapter i suppose this one will never continue unfortunatly. this is just pure crap to me.

THE STORY OF THE TRIBE: well i might rewrite this one someday. its a good idea i guess. i just need more to it. so many things have changed since i first wrote this. poor demented rabbit...*sigh*

SEARCHING THROUGH SANDSTORMS: i have lost hope for this story recently. i can make like 1 more chapter but then after that i have no clue was will happen. i want to make Nicole go on this big adventure n stuff but wat will propel her to risk her life for love that lasted like 30 min??? please suggestions r welcome. very very welcome.

and my latest story...KNIGHT OF AN UNKNOWN LAND: this one will make it. its will be my first fantasy story and it has a couple of things that r from the dragonlance chronicles. not that anyone i kno has really taken any interest in reading them its just has a couple things from it. and...i feel a bit embarassed to say this but this whole story was inspired by Lego Island 2. theres more time loading than actual game to tell u the truth. me and the weird things that go through my head heh. but anyway the original idea was a knight that goes from world to world and then finds true love after the adventure and they live happily ever after. but...the new idea is the knight has a family and a lost city where they were born n stuff and they have to save it. plus theres a bit of love. and...if any of u even kno wat im talking about once u read it if i ever write it...the older sister is based somewat and looks like Kitiria, except she's not selfish and evil. actually she doesnt really look like kitiara but the person on the cover of book 4 The Nightmare Lands. i have no clue who those people r on the cover. i thinks its Aldhana Star-something and Elistan, but Elistan doesnt really sound like he looks evil. if u kno who's on the cover please please PLEASE tell me, i've been trying to figure it out for awile. well i think this is enough babbling for one story. bub-bye for now.

The Truth Behind Sandstorms: you may have noticed this story on here for maybe like...3 days. i took its off because i hated it and for some reason i still decided to write it. it was basically the true exaggerated story behind Searching Through Sandstorms. i shall not be writing about the same subject i promise u.

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